Harnessing the dog — 14 Comments

  1. As I recall don’t y’all drive on the left in Ireland? I was wondering how Sandy manages in France.

  2. sighhh…one must accessorize!! least you can do is get a matching studded collar that’s sparklie

  3. TT – Usually we do drive on the left, but not always.  Sandy should have no problems adapting as she is quite clever.  I haven’t heard her talking French yet.

    Cat – ……. and a fucking handbag no doubt!

  4. They don’t sell inflatable harnesses do they?  We’re trying to teach our rescue dog to swim as it’s very hot but she just sits on the top step of the pool in 3″ of water.  She will put up with us holding her in the water- just – but, even though she likes being cool, she won’t take the next step and we don’t want to put her off.  Any suggestions?  I think swimming just isn’t in the genes of Greek Dogs!!!

  5. Meltemian – Why try to get the poor beast to swim if she doesn’t want to?  I was going to teach our Sandy to fly but the is a tad scared of light aircraft, so I scrapped the idea.

  6. Cat – Are you serious?  You would make your dog carry its own shit around its neck??  That is fucking sick!

  7. I was just thinking of Snady the other day.  I was wondering why we haven’t had a post from her in awhile.

  8. Speaking of harnessing women…
    …well, never mind that.
    But I once tried to buckle my (violently anti seat belt) wife into the passenger seat just for the same reason you harnessed Sandy. Keep her from banging her nose on the dash during sudden stops. She quickly reminded me of my error. I got out of the hospital 4 days later.

  9. I expect you’ve all heard the old joke about how to find out who loves you the best your wife or your dog?
    Take turns locking them in the trunk of your car for an hour. When you let them out see which one is glad to see you.

  10. tt – I can guarantee you that if I was stupid enough to lock my wife in the trunk of my car I’d be 100 miles away and calling the fire department to go and get her out. Then I’d never go home again.

  11. Brianf – She hasn’t shown much interest in writing for some time.  I think her attitude is to move on once she has mastered a task.

    Kirk M – What Herself and I do in the Bridle area is our business.  Anyway she doesn’t mind the dashboard thing.  She just bounces.

    TT – I never realised that was supposed to be a joke.  I did actually try it once.  That’s why Herself sleeps in the shed and Sandy has the run of the house.

  12. Meltie, There are life jackets for dogs, works great if you dump the dog overboard…

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