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  1. You go Grandad!  That was great and eloquently put.  I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. Brianf – Thank you Sir.  Where do you want me to go?

    Dessiegee – I had to look that one up.  Apparently it is “hear hear” and it originates in the British Parliament where they would shout “here him, hear him”.  You learn something every day here!

  3. “Once upon a time, the Earth was flat and also was the centre of the Universe.  That was considered to be an “established fact” and to argue against either “fact” was an act of heresy.
    Just ask Galileo.”
    So you and this chap Galileo have some other theory then. Heretics the both of you.

  4. I figured that would piss you off yesterday. Today you come out with several wild and ludicrous assumptions or accusations without backing up any of them. Which means you are guilty of what you are railing against. You are in fact a combo of anti science and conspiracy theorist. You are ranting about stuff you know fuck all about. Throw in religion and you would have it all. Love & and; kisses  blackballed? tt

  5. tt,
    In fact Grandad is speaking out against the brainwashed trolls like you that believe the force fed crap that is pretending to be science. Science is only science whilst it can be questioned, The moment someone believes that “The science is settled” is to become a believer in an unproven religion.
    Just stand back, do some research of your own.

  6. TT – It didn’t piss me off at all.  I only mentioned the comment as it was a good opener for today’s effort.  To be honest, I never know when you are serious or not.  Assuming you are serious, can you tell me where exactly I have become wild and ludicrous?

  7. Science is not only a democratic affair. It is also a financial affair. Governments and Big Business influence so called Scientific research. Its all about money, like everything else.

    As for Global warming, there are many Scientists who will argue for and against this theory.
    I think there might be something in the effects of Polar Shift or polar wander.

    Just ask a Polar Bear.

  8. Hey retired grease monkey “brainwashed troll am I?” GD can take care of himself so get your rude and insulting tongue out of arse.

  9. Way to go, Grandad.  I concur, sir.  It’s all about the effing money these days.  Noetic scientist are more legitimate than the Global Warming touters.  Not to say it doesn’t exist.  People that tout solar panels should think about the thousands of gallons of chemicals that are used everyday to make them.  Not to mention all the chemical waste that ends up in the ground in 3rd world countries. 

  10. Slab – I really think it’s about time you had a word with your Shrink?  Your obsession with bears worries me.

    TT – All part of the cut and thrust of debate?

    JD – I suppose the problem started when universities started looking for grants for research.  Big Business saw a nice opportunity – we’ll give you your grant but only if we are happy with the outcome.  Leastwise I used to have an enormous respect for science and scientists.  Not any more though.

    Grumpy – That should be the motto for all science now! [*wanders off to change into dry underwear*]


  11. Just watched the morning news. Three items. Record hightemps, 97 here due to climate change,  the one bear story you mentioned the other day and a major traffic jam ‘cos someone hacked a digital road sign ” Raging zombies in one mile” Heh !

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