Sale of Polar Bears to be banned — 20 Comments

  1. Just one polar bear can kill
    There is no safe level of polar bears
    Study finds that 600,000 people die every day from smoking polar bears
    New study behind calls to ban sale of polar bears
    You really should stop surfing the ASH website.

  2. More useless rubbish – Irish brown bears me arse.
    I suppose there could be few hiding in the Wicklow mountains (or up the Sally Gap) but then you would know about them would you not.

  3. I have seen a lot of very fucking strange things in the mountains, but no bears.  Bare arses maybe, but no bears.

  4. Third-hand Polar Bear farts are bad for the environment ..

    Breathing them in is positively dangerous, apparently, the farts can travel through walls ..

    For god’s sake, please .. No-one introduce Polar Bears to Guinness & Vindaloo ..

  5. I will pass the word on to our local Indian, not to serve any polar bears.  This will doubtless cause confusion as I can hear them now – “No we don’t server Polar Bears.. they are not on the menu”

  6. Study finds that 600,000 people die every day from smoking polar bears
     that made me laugh till tears ran down my face

  7. Is a bear’s bare bottom as bare as a  bald badgers bum?
    I hear the Blarney stone is losing it’s attraction – kissing a polar bear’s arse might revive tourism in in county crok.

  8. I found the information in the article very interesting. Never known anyone outside of our ‘bible belt’ or maybe Afghanistan as anti-science as you GD.

  9. Study finds that 600,000 people die every day from smoking polar bears
    Have they got filter tips? If not, why not?

  10. Cat – Sorry about that.  I hate to make a grown person cry.

    Patrick – It took us long enough to persuade those idiots to kiss a rock.  I doubt we would succeed with a bear’s arse.

    TT – It is because I am so pro-science that I have more than a slight problem with all this crap we are fed these days from people who stand to gain financially, depending on the outcome of their “research”.  I’m not knocking the Polar Bear thing but you know damn well what I’m talking about.

    Filthy – Low tar.

    Not green – Would I see a bear shitting?

  11. Jayzus Slab! I’ll have to give you the job of writing this stuff.  I like the one about what I do in my spare time and as for your last comment – have you ever tried to saddle a bear?  Dangerous pastime.

  12. Sorry ’bout that GD. I was a bit bored, nothing to do as Mrs Slab was out hunting Caribou in the snow.

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