The lethal Nanny State — 16 Comments

  1. Of course it isn’t.  Why should people think for themselves when they have a State to do all their thinking for them?

  2. I have this in front of me. “Glass bottle.Handle with care. *Adults please assist children.”  (Coca Cola.)  Not sure of the significance of the apostraphy.
    I mean: fer fucks sake!

  3. TT – I honestly wouldn’t believe that if I hadn’t seen such inane instructions elsewhere.   And what are the children going to do when they grow up?  There will be no adults to open a bottle for them, and they won’t know how to do it for themselves. The world is going insane!

  4. agreed, now can anyone tell me why there is a 1-800 number for help on the pickle jar??

  5. A PICKLE jar?  Good God!  Call out the bomb squad.  Those things are lethal…

  6. Fantastic Grandad!!!
    I’m working at a marina at the moment – in the chandlery there……… there has been a sudden upsurge in the sale of certain ‘boaty’ items and I asked one of the customers why?
    He said – it was due to the fact he had to pass a boat inspection to remain moored there – and he needed all the safety items to pass the inspection!
    All the items were common sense safety items that he had done very nicely without until the date of the inspection – so maybe we need a waterways nanny to handle this job – the normal nanny is too busy with bananas!!!!!

  7. Somehow the expression “The Good Old Days” reminds me of TB, rickets, Catholicism, Industrial Schools, etc
    No thanks

  8. I’ve just come across this this morning:

    In summary, a young 13 year old girls has been killed because her school was closed yesterday “for health and safety reasons”.
    I admit is was a freak accident but the fact that the school was completely closed is just fucking mad.
    If they had closed the school I went to for HSE reasons I would not have had any aduca……………………………………………

  9. Kate – Howya Stranger, and welcome back!  I suppose all small craft have to have a resident lifeguard?  Do all rocks have to be covered in the appropriate cushioning material?  I’m surprised that they let anyone out on the water at all.

    Dessiegee – Jayzus but you had a rough upbringing!  After survivng that lot, it’s a wonder you are still alive!

    Mossy – I see the whole park has been shut down?!  No doubt all the trees will be felled ‘just in case’………

  10. Believe me Grandad – some of the people who book a week on a narrow boat fail their training so badly that they are not allowed to take their boat out all week and have to spend their holiday moored at the marina – the ones that do pass the training sometimes hit other craft while they are on the canals – its mayhem!!!!!!

  11. Kate – I like it!!  They turn up for their week’s holiday and are told they are so incompetent that they can stay on the boat but can’t bring it anywhere?  Brilliant!

  12. Grandad – I’d comment on your post directly but I’m laughing too hard at the moment. Brilliantly done though.
    Kate – So these boaters now require all these new safety items so they can pass some new safety inspection for having their boat moored? Good heavens, what will they need if they actually want to move their boat I wonder?

  13. Hi Kirk and Grandad – yep – they fly in from places afar hoping to see our canal system and if they cannot crew the boat they don’t go anywhere – exactly the same safety and inspections for mooring as sailing – its just like having a house – insurance and all!!!

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