Perchance to dream — 15 Comments

  1. Dessiegee – Guilt?  Wassat?

    TT – Maybe the forthcoming destruction of America has us too excited?

  2. I fucking hate when that happens and I’m knackered in work the next day.
    Lucky you to be able to stay home.

  3. Mossy – Good point.  I have spent a very happy day in my armchair, nodding off every now and then.  I had better stop that soon as then I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.. 😐

  4. I usually find that thinking of ways to dispose of the lying, thieving, greedy bastards at Westminster, The Stormont, The Welsh Assembly and Holyrood, keep me busy. it’s like counting sheep but I count lampposts.

  5. Hah!  Nice one.  I thought things might improve with our last election.  Turns out that the new bastards are no fucking different from the old bastards.  There again, you lot learned that lesson in your last election?!

  6. TT – Maybe the forthcoming destruction of America has us too excited?

    Be a lot more Irish killed if it hits the U.S. than if it hits Ireland. Fact is though; if it hits anywhere it’s going to wipe out most life on the planet.

  7. Ah, so what?  I had a good run for my money.

    PS, I keep forgetting that Boston is the capitol of Ireland.  Silly me….

  8. According to Presidolt O’Barmy it is Chigago.
    (Excuse me, but I have a blocked nose)

  9. Jesus, I did’nt get much sleep last night either. Fucking Cops buzzing around in their Chopper. Bloody noisy bastards. They did’nt get me though….

  10. A Grandad – You should change your cocaine supplier.

    Slab – Hah!  Thanks for drawing them off me.

  11. Grandad,

    It’s even worse in America – they don’t have the right time – it’s 4 am in Dublin and only 8 pm in San Francisco. It’s very tiring pretending it’s a summer evening at four in the morning.

  12. If it’s a genetic issue, I recommend twelve tablespoons of Nutella at 3 a.m. There’s something about a sugar rush that knocks me right out.

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