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  1. It reminds me of a headline I saw many years ago – “FCA Champion shot”.  My first reaction was ‘how terrible’.  Then I realised the article was a bloke getting a medal for being a good marksman.

  2. I first read it and thought WTF does the NRA (National Rifle Association) care about some tunnel in Ireland.  Then I thought why isn’t the ISSU confirming a new range in Ireland since they would be the governing body over competition there.  Then I thought, I’m hungry and I went and made a sandwich for lunch.  It was good along with a cold Mountain Dew.  Then I came back to this site after reading K8’s latest offering and read the article.  I like our NRA better than yours.
    We have to bow to our federal overlords.  Now you have to bow to your european masters.  Remember they know what’s best for us despite what anybody else says.

  3. Mossy – It is the one great thing about that tunnel.. you don’t have to visit Cork City.  Unless of course, you’re a masochist?

    TT & Brianf – It is a toss up as to which I would prefer.  Your version shoots people and our version fleeces them of every last cent with all their fucking toll-booths.  On balance, I think I would prefer yours…..

  4. Sure you would until your wife and kids got shot to death by some crazed nut with an Uzi. You might change your mind then.

  5. Grandad,  You have to realize that there are those out there who think guns kill people in the same way that forks made Mary Harney fat

  6. I am in need of  little history lesson here.  Was the tunnel used or unused all these past 21 years?  Not that it really matters, anyway.

  7. Don’t know about you lot but I always find ‘Roadworks Ahead’ signs strangely comforting when speeding down motorways.

  8. Jedrzej – I don’t know why, but you somehow ended up as Spam.  I don’t check in there very often!

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