The end of America — 21 Comments

  1. I do think it is Sara Palin’s announcement that she is going to continue her bus tour through the Midwest, including Iowa.  That will send the media into a frenzy.  The noise you may hear will be the talking heads, babbling away.

  2. america is the center of the universe i’ve seen the movies too, however, its like falling for that sweet cute duplex moving in and finding your neighbour living next door connected is loud irritating tacky one who never mows their lawn, oh canada what were you thinking??

  3. Not only do all the disasters happen here but they all happen in California except “Volcano”.  That was set in Seattle and that’s ok noone would miss it if it was destroyed.  My favorite point is,”the liquification of the Midwest”. 
    This guy has the entirety of California and most of Nevada missing along with the Mississippi flood plain but only a bit of the East Coast.  Hmmm, I wonder where this guy lives?
    I’ll give ya’ a call on the 7th and let you know how its all proceeding.
    Personally I like the idea of California sliding into the Pacific ocean.  That was the thought of “scientists” back in the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m still waiting for that one.

  4. I was very badly let down before.
    Some people swore on a stack of bibles that Yosemite was going to blow. I laid in extra popcorn for that one and……bugger all happened. I rarely watch the tellybox but I am going to plug it in on 7/7 to see if half of America ends up underwater.
    BrianF; “Hmmm, I wonder where this guy lives?”-I think he said he had picked himself a nice cavern in the Ozarks. (Which means he will be hard to reach on the 8th for his comments on why nothing happened).
    Oh, thanks for the link Grandad!

  5. Willie – Ms Palin is too fucking thick to even realise that the country she is touring has disappeared.  I hope nobody bothers to tell her!

    Cat – I presume Canada will be OK.  It just means you are going to have a new ocean to the south, though there may be some islands?  The Ozark Islands?

    Popeye – Wadya mean ‘the zombies are coming’?  Isn’t America full of ’em already?

    TT – Bring loads of baccy and booze.  We’ll be up all night watching the demise of the US of A in high definition.  😈

    Brianf – Wasn’t there one where the Yellowstone Caldera blew its top?  That would be quite a spectacle.  I’m looking forward to the satellite photographs of that one!

    Ranty – It should be a grand display, what with California going for a swim, the middle bit turning into a gigantic puddle of mud and the Eastern Seaboard glowing nicely in the dark.  It really should make for excellent television.  BTW, sorry for hijacking your post!  😉


  6. Well they’re not ALL American, what about “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”?
    ‘Course that was about 50 years ago….. am I showing my age???

  7. Ranty – I saw that link appear on yours.  As for “Go figure, as our American cousins would say.”….. not for much longer! 😈

    Meltemian – I remember the film well.  A Saturday blockbuster in the Classic!  Needless to say, the Classic is no more.

    Cardi – Who said anything about France?  Have they got volcanoes and shit over there too?

  8. Bugger!

    I am visiting the US for the first time this week – flying to San Francisco and travelling up the West Coast – on 7th July I think I should be on the Oregon coast somewhere.  Is there a possibility that Oregon may be exempted? It’s not as though it’s like the dens of iniquity in San Francisco and Seattle.

  9. Always good for a chuckle Grandad. Nice knowing you too. 🙂
    Sarah Palin’s coming to Iowa? I missed that. Oh dear. I need to take a trip.

  10. And here I thought it was called ‘Nibiru’ all this time. Why the sudden name change I wonder? Making total destruction sound better? It’s obvious I suppose, our world as we know it isn’t going to be destroyed quite as badly if stomped all over by Ele (Ellie?) which sounds like a pretty young woman rather than Nibiru which sounds like a massive space born slug with teeth.
    And of course the US always gets destroyed first. If it isn’t Los Angeles it’s New York City or Washington DC (usually all 3 if you think about it). We’ve got aliens landing in the Midwest all the time you know, just bent on doing horrible things to our poor citizens. And if that isn’t bad enough we’ve got all these HAARP playing idiots whose goal is to destroy their own human race.
    I’m not running though. I already live in Vermont so where else can I go? Hell, even Canadians like us so I guess I’m as safe here as anywhere else. See you all at (yet another) Armageddon then.

  11. Kirk,
    You’re getting your Nibiru’s mixed up with your Elenin’s.
    Nibiru enters our ‘space’ on 24/12/12 and she is a planet. Only comes-a-callin’ every 3,600 years.
    Elenin is a dwarf star and is headed right towards us (well, you, actually).
    I always thought Katrina was quite a nice name. Look at the havoc she caused? Luckily I got to see Norleans before she had her coniption fit.

  12. Ian – surely you would have enough influence to exempt your route from destruction?  If ever there was an Act of God………

    Kirk M – Jayzus but you’re really fucked over there!  TWO yokes heading in your direction?  If I were you, I’d head North and nip across the border.

    Denise – You had better join Kirk in the journey North.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind?

  13. Ian,
    They would say that, wouldn’t they?
    Tin-foil hats. They’re the new skinny jeans.
    If you aren’t terrified, you’re just not paying attention!

  14. TT – I take it that means you aren’t arriving here on the 6th?  Shit!  And I bought a tent and all……..

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