Third or Fourth Reich — 12 Comments

  1. I think we are still on the Third one, don’t think it was ever declared dead, either way they have been successful this time.

  2. But there maybe those that will argue that the Third did in fact succeed for a while.  Should we write to Brussels and ask?

  3. The Third was supposed to last a thousand years. It lasted what 12?
    But, yes. It died with Hitler and the new German gov’t which followed his death. Seems a bit ungrateful to be going on about Hitler and the Reich when it’s German money that’s bailing out Europe.

  4. TT – Europe isn’t bailing out Greece, Portugal or Ireland.  What they are trying to do is to bail out the Euro, which is the only thing they are interested in.  And look at the price we have to pay for their “help” – almost total loss of sovereignty.  Because of the billions they have poured into our economies, they now own us.

  5. Hey, Grandad, what do you think of this report.–124177994.html
    I thought that Ireland was (near?) bankrupt.   Do you really have enough spare cash for this nonsense?
    I would have thought that the flatulance coming out of the bullocks in the Dial (Dail?) would have been more than that from the cows.
    Yes, I did write bullocks and not bollocks!
    But come to think of it, perhaps bollocks would fit better.

  6. I don’t understand Ireland.  You spent over 500 hundred years fighting for your independence and then turned it over to a bunch of unknown bureaucrats in Brussels.  My wife is from Holland and she saw this trainwreck coming and got out 40 years ago.  What am I talking for, we did the same damn thing two years ago.

  7. Oldspook – To be honest, I don’t understand the Irish either.  I am beginning to think that all this shite about “the heroes of Irish independence” is just so much claptrap brought about by an overindulgence in ale.  And whatever about the past, the modern Irish are just too fucking wrapped up in X-Factor and iPods to give a shite.  I despair.

    Willie – Are ye buying?  [were you away, BTW?]

  8. GD…I am buying while my meager pension holds out.  I did decide to avoid everything power by electricity for awhile.  That lasted about two weeks.  This one-person protest proved nothing.  (Really, forest fires all around Miss Pat and I forced a temporary move, for a bit.)

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