The Third Reich is imminent — 16 Comments

  1. Er, and with what currency would you then pay for that expensive bottle of imported champagne?

  2. When the EU bagan it was called The EEC and was known as the Common Market, it was set up to be a trading block with real benefits for all members, especially Ireland.

    Then somehow as a consequence of Maastricht or Nice or some other fucking Treaty / Agreement, we became the EU with its Open Market.Each time the rules changed slightly and Brussels influence increased.

    Then we had that complete bend over treaty called Lisbon & now it seems that as Brussels controls & safeguards the Currency they may have to take a more direct hand in the financial decisions of member states, especially the fucked ones like Ireland, Greece, Portugal & Spain.

    Fair play to the Brits, “We don’t use the Euro so it’s not our problem”

    With any luck this false currency which is based on air will collapse and we can all go back to our own money, then when we get a new government, we can devalue, make ourselves more competitive  & undercut jonny Frog & Kraut for the American Dollar. (Dreams I Know)

  3. Then we can place ourselves in the caring hands of the International Monetary Fund, which will impose strict structural adjustment programmes on us, as it did on bankrupt countries in Africa and elsewhere… or we can apply for rising China to buy us up as an offshore investment…
    Keep dreaming and you might have nightmares.
    I sometimes wonder how many Irish people love the EU in addition to using it for trade and things. Patriotism means love of country. Have you met any EU patriots?

  4. Neighbour – Not even with whiskey?  Bollox!

    Rhodester – Just because you fancy the knickers off her?  Feck off.  She’s boring.

    Lafsword – My line of thought precisely.  It was a fine concept in the early days, but then they got power mad and started this integration crap.

    Holy fuck!!  Just seen the news – The EU is to pump €720 billion into the Euro to prop it up.  Where the fuck is all this cash coming from??????

  5. Gabby – Maybe Iceland would like to put in a bid?  As for being a Proud European?  Stuff that!

  6. I did notice in the recent British election that there were parties out there who promised to get the country out of the E.U. Yet no fucker voted for them although everybody was bitchin’ about being in the E.U. Similar thing in Ireland y’all voted to ratify the Lisbon treaty did you not ?  I think you Europeans just love to grumble. Oh and it would be the Fourth Reich ? By the way anybody watch Foyles War over there ?

  7. And how about Merkel suggesting sanctions on countries who don’t manage their budgets –  withdrawal of agricultural grants for example. Nothing like a crisis to help nudge your agenda forward.
    Brussels/EU – entice nations in, then make them dependent. Pretty impressive really!

  8. Damn right!  We’ll stick with Fianna Fáil.  They might be corrupt thieving bastards who have destroyed our economy, but they’re our corrupt thieving bastards.

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