Being a good sport — 12 Comments

  1. Totally agree with you particularly about the Beeb.
    I remember years ago when Mary Peters was in the Olympics she was “Irish” but, a soon as it looked like she was going to win a medal the Beeb immediately started referring to her as “British”.
    Idiots !!

  2. If you are from Ireland, North or South, you are Irish. You can carry a passport from Bongo Bongo land if you want. Still Irish.

  3. you said what i was trying to say….but said it better 🙂

    it’s very bad taste asking a question like that today i think…and i loved the bit where they add “…the issue of wheter he is british or irish is one that is on everyone’s lips”… it ??

  4. Bonjour Grandad,
    Did I tell you about two Irishmen who find a mirror in the road.

    The first one picks it up & says, “Blow me I know this face but I cant put a name to it.”

    The second picks it up & says, “You daft bastard it’s me!”


    {;o)}   P.S. That is me, wearing my beret, and with my beard.

  5. Oh dear oh dear indeed.  I leave this place unattended for a couple of hours and this is what I come back to?

    I don’t know why I bother my arse at all……….

  6. Nothing to add, except a smile. 🙂

    You’re always good for one of them Grandad.

  7. I hate bloody Golf. Bunch of Rich or wannabe rich arseholes whacking a ball into little holes on a long walk, bollox. GAA, a good excuse for a brawl in a muddy field. and all the rest.
    Now GD, having dealt with the sport issue. I missed your Father’s Day blog, but my excuse is that I  was, over the weekend, brought into Grandad Fraternity. Yes my eldest, Slabette produced her very own Slablet. A nice little fella.
    I intend to take every little blessing that comes my way. I just wish everyone would stop calling me fucking “Grandad” though.

  8. Wayhay!  Welcome to the exclusive club, Slab!  Many congratulations to you [and, I suppose, to Slabette].  It’s an honour to be called Grandad, so you had better get used to it. I just passed my tenth anniversary of being one, so I know a little bit about it.  Heh!

  9. I hate all that crap, but I hadn’t realised Ireland had stooped to it too. Since when did someone have to win before we supported them?
    Is this all the fault of that Roy Keane feller, taking football too seriously in the World Cup?

  10. BWT – Ireland always indulged in that petty one-upmanship.  Very childish.  Who’s Roy Keane?

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