No pro like an old pro — 11 Comments

  1. If Kris Kristofferrson knew you he would have written a song about ya! Anyway I know how you feel mainly because the only person who would employ me is me!  Saoirse abu!!

  2. TT – I thought you shipped her to the UK?  Or did she manage to find her way back?

    Notgreen – Even the self employed don’t escape as they have to answer to their clients, as I discovered.

  3. I’m in a similar position GD.  Grand isn’t it?  Only problem is nobody just “NOBODY” in this town I live in appreciates that we might not be up at 8am.  If it isn’t reversing trucks delivering to the local shops it’s that stupid woman in the house over the back of ours letting her fucking yappy dogs out in the gargen, my next door neighbour rattling bottles ready for the recycling bins collection or the binmen themselves hauling wheelie bins around.

  4. Har har!  Yet another pro for being old – I can easily piss people off by being smug.

    If it’s any consolation, I got here by way of many many years of hard slog, sweat and abuse.  I am entitled to be smug.

  5. Sean – Move to the country.  There is no need to be in any particular spot now?  I agree about the morons though.  All work/phone calls/deliveries and the like should be banned until such time as we are up and about.

  6. What about your European Overlords.  You have to bow and do as they say…..They know what’s best for you.

  7. I dream of being free, you lucky bastard, you lucky lucky lucky bastard.
    Us modern Serfs in a World of EU/IMF Overlords will never be free.
    It kinda brings you back to “Ireland unfree, will never be at peace”.
    Here we fucking go again.

  8. Cat – There is that.  There are some downsides to getting older…..

    Brianf – Fuck them.  I break all their petty rules, regulations and laws at every available opportunity.

    Slab – Don’t worry.  Your time will come.  In the future they may up the retirement age to 90, but you’ll get there.  Eventually.

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