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  1. after running the maze of working all week like a rat i find saturdays slighty unnerving also..i wake my usual 6 and take a moment to remember the day and try to go back to sleep..then the rest of the day is set for weekend routine maze run

  2. Ah, but you have a weekday routine, and therefore the weekend will feel different.  Maybe over the years I subconsciously programmed myself into thinking Saturday was different, and now that it isn’t I feel uneasy?

  3. Meltemian – I like Monday mornings now.  Sometimes I listen to the traffic reports going on about all the traffic jams into the city.  Har! 😈

    RhodesTer – Never heard of ’em.  And I’ll stick with Sharon if that’s OK?

    Welcome Jobe.  Don’t touch cigarettes.  Don’t like the things.  You could be right about putting a little extra “home grown” in the pipe though…….

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