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  1. sure you aren’t pissed at the hockey game? it seems to have caused vancouver to be in the same mood, riot and everything the eejitts

  2. Here is something I found on Anna Raccoon’s blog.   I hope that it cheers you up.
    Bob June 16, 2011 at 13:18
    I love the Irish, nobody does it better. The one thing about them (apart from these two fat heads) seems to be their ability to laugh at their own primary national characteristic.
    About 15 years ago I had the necessity to take my car over to Cork on a business trip. The ferry arrived at the terminal at about 6am, and I drove off into the town to find breakfast. I came to multi-storey car park and very cautiously turned into the entrance.
    I had a specific problem. I was delivering some of my company’s equipment, and it was all stacked high on my roof rack. Care was needed. I approached the usual height barrier hanging from the chains above. Getting out to compare the height I was able to slip through with about 2 inches clearance, good.
    As I drove up the ramp to the parking area, I espied a huge concrete beam crossing my passage. Methinks I am never going to get through that gap!
    Sure enough, the beam was at least 3 inches below my roof load. I was now stuck as I had just driven through an unattended barrier which permitted no exit.
    It turned out, that every time someone crashed into the height barrier,bring it crashing down, they simply removed the damaged links on the chain and raised it a little higher! Simple!
    Monty Python couldn’t have done it better.
    Feel better now ?

  3. Mossy – I can still see you.

    Dessiegee – Thanks very fucking much.  Actually I used my foot pump and then brought the car to Spanner’s garage.  His tyre pressure gauge is bunched though so I don’t know if it’s at the right pressure.  Even worse, I don’t know if I have a slow puncture.

    Cat – Me?  Pissed at a hockey game?  Feck off.  You know I hate sport!!

    A Grandad – D’you read a different Anna Raccoon from me?  Your story isn’t on the one I read.  Mind you, my Anna Raccoon is making snarky side swipes at the Irish too!

    Anne – Welcome.  I will assume that because you’re a newcomer you didn’t read this?


  4. Patrick – One of the great joys of being grown up is that I can be grumpy if I feel like it.  I apologise to no man.

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