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  1. Of course another answer could be that I have trained you all well?  I usually scribble around this time of day so you are all sitting there with baited breath waiting for my latest gem of wisdom?
    No.   I usually have an hour on the ‘Interweb’ about this time.
    PS Thank you for all your writings.   It keeps me amused informed about life.

  2. Heh!  Like myself – An hour between a good night’s sleep and an afternoon nap.

    P.S. Thank you for commenting.  It amazes me that anyone reads this at all….

  3. Well GD, Its like this. I’m so depressed and bored with all the shite on the interweb. So I decided, if you cant beat them join them. I can contribute my own version of shite too. Or, Its the only place in the world where you can take a dump in pubic.

    You read it too.

  4. Not all the Irish! I’m in the North though, does that count?

    I normally read through the rss on google reader. Don’t know how that shows up in the stats.

  5. John – Welcome!  Good point about Norn Iron.  I presume the software counts it as UK?  As for readers, I know roughly how many people use a reader but I haven’t a clue whether they read or not.  Lazy buggers.

  6. You suggest some of your readers may be out looking for jobs.  Perhaps they are looking for jobs over here in UK or in the US, as I guess there isn’t much work around your part of the world at the moment. Can’t really understand why you don’t have more Irish following as you surely must speak for a majority of your countrymen, exspecially when it comes to the smoking ban and matters EU.

  7. i pop on when i wake, thats cdn atlantic time not eastern…seems we are more east than eastern canada which is just east of central, stuffed up arses..anyhoo…long story… i look forward to my read however, i notice you usually post around 3:30 pm ish my time..whatever time that is for  you.
    keep up the bloggery i pass gems of it on to one and all

  8. Sean – I think most of Ireland is now in Australia or Canada.  And you know what they say about prophets in their own land?!

    Slab – Oh no I didn’t.  It was the dog.  I swear.

    Cat – You are in the next parish west of Clifden?  Sure we are only neighbours.  I don’t know how I post at half three your time when I usually post at around that, my time.  Are you sure you don’t live in Clifden?  It’s much further west of Galway than most people realise……..

  9. I’ve given up looking for anything here before afternoon my time – I’m 2 hours ahead and you’re not an early poster.  Like me you obviously need caffeine to kick-start your thoughts in the mornings.

    Glad the CIA is keeping an eye on you, that probably means the rest of us are safe.

  10. Wrong in your assumptions Sean.  The majority of the Irish population remain in favour of the smoking ban, and remain in favour of membership of the EU.  Thos remaining with their heads in the sand believing smoking does no harm are in such a minority that a blog ranting against the smoking ban is bound to impact its credibility and audience.

  11. Hey Sean 
     “Can’t really understand why you don’t have more Irish following”

    I can.

  12. Meltemian n- One of these days I will post early in the morning, just to catch you off guard.  Please don’t rely on The CIA.  They are fucking hopeless.

    Sirvivor – Sadly I think your summary of the Irish is on the nail.  That DoH page has so many distortions and blatent lies that I wouldn’t know where to start, but the Irish will lap up every word, simply because it is “official”.  After all, our gubmit wouldn’t lie to us?  Would they?

    TT – Glad to see you’re awake again…

  13. I get mine daily delivery delivered straight to my inbox – 😉  that way, it still looks like I am working, x

  14. Motherdear – You get yours delivered?  Damn!  I’m going to have to start charging for these.

  15. I have just re-read the title of this post! lol!  I thought it was pavilion readers (as on the sidelines) now I see its pavlovian, ha ha!

    Now theres an idea, Grandad, you could charge a fee for every email opened, x

  16. I once did a post about someone who had been convicted of posessing octopus porn.
    Now I get people finding my blog after Googling octopus porn. And you thought you had perverts.

  17. Bucko – Thank you very fucking much.  Now, thanks to your little comment I’m going to get all the octopus porn lovers.

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