An Open Letter — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t have a television, but I do have a telephone.   The thing that annows me are the companies who ring just I have sat down for a meal, or when I am reading. (or at any other time)
    I go to the phone and (sometimes) there is a woman who speaks at 100km/hour giving her name (ficticious); her Company name and starts her ‘speel’.    I wait until she has finished before asking her for her name.  Usuall I have to ask 3 or 4 times before she speaks sufficiently slowly for me to understand (I can act very dense – sometimes I am not acting).
    I then ask her for the name of her company.   Same thing – 3 or 4 attempts before I can understand what she says.
    Very slowly I say, ” Merci, Madame X.  I have no need of the products or services of the company that you represent.   I hope that I have pissed you off as much as you have pissed me off.  Bonjour.”

  2. Hah!  If it weren’t for Herself I probably wouldn’t have a television either.  Nuisance calls on the telephone are at epidemic levels here.  In the space of one hour yesterday I got twelve calls, all showing ‘unknown number’ and probably all hanging up as soon as I answer.  I say probably, because I didn’t bother answering any of them.  If ever I do answer and there is someone there, I usually tell them to hold on while I get my dad.  It’s strange how lacking in patience they are, when they wouldn’t even hold on for half an hour?

  3. It’s gotten (good word that) so bad here that I now screen all calls. Cable and phone company are the same so the caller ID comes up on the TV. I don’t even have to get up off my fat lazy butt to ignore a call.

  4. Here in the states we get the Brit’s and Aussie’s in our ads.  Wanna trade? 

  5. Oldspook – Welcome to my humble shores..  Nah!  You can keep ’em.  Are we all supposed to believe that the grass is greener in other countries, or what?  Fucking morons,

    Slab – Good advertisements are rarer than virgins these days.  Both those are good, but if I were forced to sit and watch each one twenty times……… ?

  6. Yep GD, once is enough. I do think more than twenty times with the Virgins would be better though.

  7. Craig Doyle… So that’s what he’s up to these days. Doing window adverts over here.
    To think that not long ago he was coming over all superior to William Shatner.

  8. Telephone call today:

    “Hello could I speak to the person paying the phone bill please?”
    “No, he’s not here!”
    “When will be be back?”
    “He won’t, he’s in jail!”
    “What’s he in jail for?”
    “Not paying his fuckin phone bill!”

    …………… click

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