Downloadophobia Part Deux — 8 Comments

  1. He is worse than useless.  Spends his day sleeping in his chair.  Sad to say but he is well past his sell-by date.

  2. Yeah, I got the Garmin Update e-mail too. A bit pricey too, GD. For a few quid more I could buy a nice new shiny one. As for computers, I hate bloody PC’s. I used to have a Mac once. It was the dog’s. In a moment of madness I changed to PC, software was cheaper then Mac. Now I regurlarly suffer bouts of screaming in frustration when the bugger freezes, tells me it has to index the Hard Drive or somthing,
    download updates or a myriad of other head wrecking messages. I spend more time fixing the fucker ‘cos The Kaspersky Anti Virus gets fucked by some hacker’s shite on the net. I had The Blue Screen of Death a few times. Oh Jasus, I nearly fucked it through the window after hours of getting the bastard to work again.
    I am frequently tempted to fix modern technological gagets wit my 7lb persuader.

  3. “A bit pricey too” I only went for it because it was free [first update].

    Now I never thought I would ever sink so low as to say this, but have you thought of trying Linux?  No BSODs, no anti-virus, updates quietly with no fuss or reboots and is about ten times faster [and it’s free].  I switched about ten months ago and hate having to go back to Windows to deal with a company that doesn’t deal in Linux software.  Luckily, that is very rare.

  4. GD, you seem to know more about computers than you let on.
    I have become so frustrated that sometimes I want to gouge out my eyes, blow up the planet and use my 7lb persuader on the infernal machine.

    However, it is far superior to an Abacus.

  5. There’s a Gemini thing going on there then. The evil twin gets out every now and then.

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