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  1. Pat Condell has quite a few videos ro watch. You will find that most common sense people agree with his thoughts 100% but the problem is we are ruled by mendacious money grubbing elitest shitheads of the highest order.

    More of Pat’s videos here:

  2. Sixty – Apparently he is an ex comedian.  As Akvavitix says, he produces regular videos about life in general.  It is well worth trawling through his YouTube vidoes.  I would bow to his leadership any day [provided I were second-in-command]!

  3. England (no such country exists in Euroland) are not out of the woods either. It could all come crashing down around their heads when the printing machine breaks down.
    The only slight consolation is that they still have the £, but they have also like Ireland a coalition goverment(sic.)

  4. I’ve said it before. Its part of a new order a Nazi take over, planned from the 1940’s–EU.html

    Is’nt it fucking amazing, though. It is a real kick in the bollix, when it takes a Brit to tell us what we need to do. He is telling us we need to do what was done in 1916. The modern equivallent.
    And he is bloody right, every word.

    We need another James Connolly. Anyone in Scotland?
    We need another Jim Larkin. Anyone in England?
    If it takes a Brit to lead us out of this shite, then he has my vote………

  5. Our balls have been neutered by the likes of Maggie Thatcher – this guy talks a lot of sense, but the comfort zone of the past few decades has also neutered us into believing that all will once again be well with our worlds – if we wait long enough.  The rank and file populace of most countries – Ireland and the Uk included, have been shafted by a minority of financial gnomes who are now laughing at us from their ivory towers. The Nazi angle is an interesting one- it must make those who died fighting for our so called freedom, turn in their graves.

  6. The way things are going, it looks like Greece is going to lead the way in bringing down the whole fucking house of cards.  All I ask is that I have enough room to dance on the EU’s grave.  I’d say it will be fairly crowded.

  7. “The way things are going, it looks like Greece is going to lead the way in bringing down the whole fucking house ” I sincerely fucking hope so.

  8. I haven’t heard a common sense saturated monologue like that in a very long time. Ireland’s modern day version of Samuel L Clemens? Too bad that a nation (any nation) as a whole rarely listens to or practices common sense. It’s a shame that for any type of decent reform to possibly occur an extreme crisis has to take place first. Humans at their best.

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