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  1. i had to forward your rant to my best friend it is the exact feeling we had for it and i will smack the next person up side the head that uses it with me!

  2. It’s drive me nuts too. It will get to the stage where people won’t remember what the original word was and the abbreviation will end up being the word.

  3. Having spent a thousand years in the iT industry, I can bring you old fossils up to speed. Applications were originally known as programs and then programs turned into mammoths as each new version came along. The word application denoted a programs ability to be ‘applied’ to various tasks. Excel and Sage are examples of programs that got out of shape. They left a problem though. What did you call a pop-up calculator or the program that let you choose your printer. The word “applet” was born. A bit-een of a program if you like. Most of these were planted in the OS. App is just the lazy man’s term. Now, FU if you don’t like that !!!

  4. It’s like ‘GD’ is now in common usage. Nobody says cantankerous,beligerent,bloody minded,smelly bearded old Irish bog trotting git any more.

  5. Fukkit, I don’t care if I’m a fossil. The little Slabs keep telling me to get a better Mobile Phone (Cell Fone to all you Merkins). Get a better phone, Dad, with a camera, and one that you can send e-mails on, they say. One with apps, baps gaps fukkit. I have a Mobile Phone. It makes and receives calls, texts also. Thats all I want. I have a Computer it sends E-mails. I have a Camera, it takes pictures. I have a MP3 player, it plays music.  Thats all I want, dammit.
    I keep telling my Slablets, if they loose their multi functional super dooper app Phones, there will be no calls cameras, e-mails etc. So much for technology. Its all bull.

    I like all my “old fossil” gadgets.

  6. Brianf – You forgot AWSOME.

    Cat – Wadya mean you had to forward this to your best friend?  Doesn’t he/she/it read the site already?  Sheesh!  I don’t know why I bother sometimes.

    Holemaster – I have more than a sneaking suspicion that the majority of the knuckledraggers haven’t a clue where the ‘word’ originated.  Half them wouldn’t know their own name if it wasn’t entered into their mobile phone.

    John – I too have a passing knowledge of IT [I’m typing on a fucking laptop, amn’t I?] and I have heard professional programmers refer to programmes and applications, but applet?  That’s nearly as bad as app.  Incidentally, my dearly beloved spellchecker keeps whinging at me for typing ‘app’.  It says it isn’t a word.  Hah!

    TT – GD just happens to be the way I sign my name.  It’s a bit like Her Queenness signing herself as ER.  Or maybe she just doesn’t know what to write?

    Slab – I could not agree more.  I have a camera in my phone and I don’t think I have ever used it, apart from seeing if it worked.  Actually, I haven’t checked it in the two years since I dropped it into a scalding mug of tea, so it probably doesn’t.  Incidentally, mobile phones are very good for stirring tea.  Bet you didn’t know that?

  7. The first “Applet” I ever had was on a 9″ B&W Mac SE/30. It was a simple 20 frame up and down motion of a woman giving a man oral sex, but it played in a constant loop, giving the full effect. It did nothing else (It didn’t have to I hear you say). However, I remember demonstrating multi-tasking to two guys by setting an Excel Macro running, then I sprang my little movie running beside it. Do you get it now. Application n the one hand and applet in the other mouth.

  8. oh please no, no offence, omg don’t get me kicked outta the country you KNOW what canada is like any hoo…she is tech no phobe….reading blogs is almost omg big brother will track me to her…and please do keep it up and bother…my pookie is finally seening sense in reading don’t stop

  9. John – Do you have to confess your little perversions quite so openly?  And on my site too?  Fucking weirdo!

    Ian – you are treading on very very thin ice.

    Cat – What are you on about?  I’m not offended.  Maybe a bit miffed that everyone doesn’t read my site, but not offended.  Dare I ask about your pookie?

  10. Heh!  To be honest, I had no idea so many people shared my view.  Or have I just managed to convince you all?

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