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  1. Ja, ich bin ein Dubliner und ich liebe die Deutschen. Sie zeigen uns, wie wir leben, wie man arbeitet, und wie zu sammeln und zu speichern. Dann werden sie uns vorbei.
    They have no shaggin’ sense of humour though…..

  2. Ho Kay..  I had to wheel out Google for this one…… “Yes, I am a Dublin and I love the Germans. They show us how we live, how you work and how to collect and store. Then she will get over.”    She will get over?  What the fuck?

    Anyhow, I think a more appropriate quote would be “Arbeit macht frei

  3. Well said GD.
    But what’s this “Arbeit macht frei” when it’s at home ?

  4. Well Grandad, I’m fucking impressed, you’ve figured out how to work the interweb thing. Google Translate is crap though.
    Europe Day IS a pile of Shite. We do’nt have a unified Europe. It is still very Nationalistic and Tribal.
    Maybe the Germans are trying to take the whole lot by economic means instead of the usual forceful way. Google La Maison Rouge (The Red House) It just may be true.
    Deutschland über alles would be more appropriate though.

  5. I say thank fuck for European peace and unity. I am all for it. Me and a lot of Americans. Gives us more time for Iraq and Afghanistan.

  6. Slab – It took me a while, but I’m getting the hang of it.  I have been using it to book holidays in France, though that might explain some of the strange replies?  I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but the Fourth Reich thing is too bloody close to the bone.

    TT – You can laugh.  Just wait until the Chinese cash in their American portfolio.  Hah!


  7. Grandad,
    Have you heard that the Irish SAS have followed the example of the US Navy Seals and have just stormed Debenham’s Dublin shop.

    They had heard that Summer Bed Linen was on the third floor.

  8. Going from ‘republic’ to ‘relic’ means losing ‘pub’ – that’s serious.

  9. Slab & AGrandad – I’ll leave you two to out-pun each other.  You’re keeping TT amused.

    Ian – That is one great photograph.  Well spotted!


  10. Not yet they haven’t. The Germans fuck up every time they try for lebensraum in the east same as the French.

    Napoleon got bollicksed trying to attack Moscow. The Germans got bogged down in WW1 on the eastern front there. Hitler lost WWII by ignoring the rule about never fighting on two fronts.

    And now the German banks are broke mainly because of washing dirty money through two mafia states in Croatia and Albania and using it to make huge gambles on derivatives through fuckwit Ireland and its ‘offshore’ regulated-by-morons banking centre.

    Germany is as fucked as the rest of the EU. Its just that their accountants are pretending German bank debts don’t exist.

    That’ll come home to roost shortly.

  11. @Another Grandad

    Did you hear about the suicide bomber training camp in tora bora? You have to really pay attention as the instruction only shows you the once.

  12. and fuck the Euro and the smoke and mirrors that artificially inflate the value to the exclusion of everyone else.

  13. Back to EU Day.  Here’s hoping that y’all don’t have a big hangover from celebrating.

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