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  1. What do you get if you cross a Jehovah’s Witness and a Biker? …….. Someone who calls to the door an tells YOU to fuck off!!

  2. Ah – I found the solution to doorstep Mormons etc.
    I had my nephew (who is gay) and his partner staying for a few days and my nephew answered the door to one of them while we were out.
    After the usual verbal to-ing and fro-ing my nephew delivered the ‘coup-de-gras’
    “My name is …….Levi and I’m a homosexual.  I think you’re wasting your time”
    The reply was “You’re a gay Jew??  I don’t think I can help you!”
    Funnily enough we never had any more visits after that………. 

  3. Now I’m officially sorry.  We’ve exported Pepsi, fast food, Lady Gaga and now . . . door to door evangelicals?

    On behalf of the American Public, lo siento para el evangélico, los odiamos también, especialmente los mormones.

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