A green and black future — 11 Comments

  1. Great stuff apart from the penultimate line. Designated? It’ll be illegal way before then.

  2. Dick – Do you not remember the case in the Supreme European Court where the Tobacco industries got an injunction preventing them from being made illegal?  I think it was back in 2018.  That’s the reason we have that field in Dingle and the reason that 25gm of baccy costs two months wages.

  3. Willie – I have survived for over sixty years without ever stepping foot in Walmart [whatever that is] so you can damn well learn to cope.

    Meltemian – Interesting.. not dissimilar to my own projection?  I must dig out the old tent.

    TT – I have no problem with science, just so long as it isn’t tainted by ideology, moralistic shield-thumping or plain financial greed.

    Ian – Don’t forget that over a million of us have to squeeze into that one acre.  It can get quite intimate!

  4. I just wonder what the fucking point happens to be in saving energy. Particularly when at some point this year we are going to send the LE Harney dieselling off to Malta to make sure they don’t invade us because we haven’t visited them in a while.

    Or the government jet will be shuttling between various racecourses and ministerial back gardens on essential government business.

    I don’t give a shite whether the environment is unhappy or not. I don’t own a car. I don’t insist on breeding which is by far the most wasteful attack on the global environment in a massively overpopulated world.

    Besides. Nature has a habit of regulating these things for herself. Which is why global pandemics happen.

    Have a nice day!

  5. That’s akin to saying ‘I have no problem with Guinness, just so long as someone hasn’t pissed in it.” The inference being we should assume all Guinness is bad ?

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