The good and the bad — 9 Comments

  1. Who said it was good that they are closed ?
    No such problems here in Tunisia. But then, they don’t do Easter here anyway. No choccy eggs or Easter bunnies. Only the bunnies in the lapin ragoût.

  2. TT – Cooking sherry is worse than gnat’s piss. Wouldn’t touch if I was parched.

    Willie – Couldn’t be arsed.  I was hoping you might save me the trouble.  I should have known better.

    Mossy – I hate gloaters.  May your beer be flat and your glasses forever empty.

    Cat – Agreed.

  3. Peter – It is Saturday now and normality has resumed.  Lockins aren’t required.  Are you sure you’re in a pub?  Are there bars on the windows and large steel gates?  Are there blokes in uniforms with lots of keys?  I think you may be in the wrong place.

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