Thinking outside the box — 9 Comments

  1. You’re a “glass half-empty” kind of guy, aren’t you?
    My personal motto is “Roll on death so I can have a lie in”.
    Of course, being buried at sea fucks up all those wankers who swore to dance on your grave….
    I think I would take several thousand down to Davy Jones’ locker with me. Hopefully they will all be either politicians or “Outreach Workers For One-eyed Crippled Lesbian Jews With Islamic Tendencies”.
    I can hope.

  2. Ranty – I wouldn’t call myself a glass half empty or glass half full type of person.  When the liquid reaches that level, I’m more a “whose round is it?” kind of person.

    TT – Shit!  Have you got something contagious?!

  3. I am so cranky I won’t even go to those damn things-furneals, that is.   Ala Liz Taylor, I want to be 15 minutes late to my own cremation.

  4. A friend that was like a father to me had a rule for his wake.  You had to drink to be there.  There was a keg and a barkeep at the front entrance.  We all had a blast talking over good times.  That’s the way ti should be!  🙂

  5. How about the Celebration of Life ceremonies? People do the talking which saves cost of a minister. Fuckin’ (good word, heh)) NICE things have to be said about the person in the box. Sometimes it’s hard to think of anything.

  6. Wakes are yer only man.  Lock the ‘guests’ in a room with a couple of crates of whiskey and leave ’em there ’til they have all passed out.  Great craic.

  7. Neat title Grandad. I had no idea what was coming… I see why you have all those blog awards in your side bar – You definitely have a way with words!  (That was a compliment in case you missed it).

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