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  1. Yikes!  That’s spooky, Grandad.  Although, I can’t say I’m suprised.  At least someone was warning you of the subliminal messages.  🙂

  2. I checked again this evening.  They are still going out at every break.  It has to be some kind of strange advertising gimmick.  Or something.

  3. I bet you’ll find it is some type of cunning advertising gimmick as you say.

    What channel is it happening on ?

  4. There was a recent rugby match in which “God is greeen” flashed up for a second or two. Maybe a subliminal message revealed for longer than it should have been, due to a terchnical problem?

  5. Or it could just be Comedy Central fucking with our heads, the rest of the messages they show have highlighted words that make no sense.
    For Example
    ‘according to the Internet, the first recorded use of MIND control was in 1950 during the Korean war. Since then some people blame organised religion for BRAINWASHING the vulnerable. Others claim governments are responsible, using SUBLIMINAL language to influence your subconscious brain. Well we say cobblers. Ultimately if you want to go down the pub, buy a new hat or eat a lovely chicken, this is all down to you. You are in CONTROL. No one else. You are a free-thinking individual. Or is that just what they want you to think? After all, just because you’re PARANOID, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.’
    You see what I mean, random words that are about mind control.

  6. You my friend, do not understand the concept of the Subliminal Message. It’s not a subliminal message if you can see it, plus, the message is clearly visible to any watching the TV, it’s pretty hard to miss. There is many different variations of this, such as the one about fridges, which is completely irrelevant to anything what so ever. Do remember that this is a comedy channel! Your not supposed to take them seriously, albeit, I took them serious for a while, but soon realised the error of my ways. This is most likely something to do with the upcoming comedy awards on CC. 

    This in fact is probably a mock of subliminal messages, I credit comedy central for making all you people become so uptight and worried about this, when in fact it’s just a bit of fun.

    I could ramble on about this for longer, but I’m going to go play Baseball now

    A 14 year old with some common sense

  7. Uptight and worried?  I’m not uptight nor am I worried.  I was just idly wondering what the hell it’s all about.  Frankly I couldn’t give a damn about the messages as I rarely watch that channel anyway.  Most of the stuff on it is repeats of repeats so I have seen most of the output long ago.

    If it is an advertising gimmick they seem to be dragging it out a bit as it has been going on for weeks now.  I presume some day they’ll tell us what it was all about?

  8. There’s 2 more now which read:
    “If you are reading this then you have passed. You are now part of the cultural ELITE. You have transcended the shadowy world of the FLESH, rising from the ashes of society like a shimmering phoenix: beautiful, irridescent and EMPOWERED. This is not about creed, religion nor cult. Merely that you have seen past the gossamer veil of the superficial and uncovered the TRUTH. Now the world is yours for the taking. Grip it, squeeze it for all it’s worth and let the juices drip down your throat. There is NOTHING you cannot achieve in your luminous radiance. Except fly. You cannot fly. Don’t even try. It’ll end in tears.”
    “We’ve got loads to tell you. But sadly we can’t. Thing is, we don’t want a SUPER INJUNCTION taken out against us. We’re more than happy to disclose which crinkly tv presenter has been secretly dating a VACUOUS supermodel. We’d which hideous politician has been seeing which former big brother contestant. But we can’t. We’re not even allowed to hint at what they did every week for six months at a travelodge outside NUNEATON. Because that’s all we ever want to know, right? Who’s sleeping with who? Well tough. Anyway, what’s the point? You’ll only be infuriated when you find out that someone so UGLY can pull someone so attractive.”
    I’m still none the wiser as to what they’re about or why.

  9. Just a quick thought for everyone here…. Not accusing… I’m just going to relay some facts.

    Comedy Central is owned by Comedy Partners…. owned by MTV networks, which used to belong to Viacom till it was sold to CBS…. CBS is owned by Sumner Redstone who used to work for… wait for it….

    United States Department of Justice, Washington DC…

    as for breeding with caution, population control is a MAJOR factor on the governments to do list… just saying…

    People are questioning these facts even more now after Scrubs (created by comedy central) well after the character Janitor, revealed in a past episode which is 4 years old mind… that Osama would be found in Pakistan…

    Here is a link… be open minded, I won’t preach… just let you make up your own minds.

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