Westlife or whiskey — 13 Comments

  1. What the hell is “Westlife”?    I hope it is not another BBC production about old farts being goofy.

  2. They are one of those horrific ‘Boy Bands’ that were manufactured for the delight of pre-pubescent girls.  They split up a while ago, which did the world a favour but now apparently they have reformed.

  3. thank god you kept the whiskey although i doubt anyone could have pried it away.
    didn’t know what a westlife was either thanks for the answer i’ll now stay as far away from it as possible.

  4. Lordy,Lordy,Lordy, even I know who Westlife are. I swear, you insular,parochial old farts. Interwebbers indeed.

  5. Westlife are never bearable!

    They could have had done the squares on the chessboard question – the one where there is one Westlife ticket on the first square, and two Westlife tickets on the second square, and four on the third and eight on the fourth, and so on, and you have to work out how many Westlife tickets are on the 64th square.

  6. Thank you-all that helped me with my education, or lack of it.  Somehow my life is totally unchanged now that I know who Westside is or was.

  7. I saw one of the people from Westlife playing football once – or it might have been one of Boyzone – or it might not have been.  Can any member of Westlife actually play any musical instrument?

  8. That would have been so disappointing – to have joy snatched from your hands and replaced by Westlife. Still – could have been worse. Could have been tickets to see Daniel.

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