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  1. GD…There are a lot of foreclosed houses over here, if you are thinking about a move.  The bankers are so honest.   If you believe that…………

  2. We actually voted against Europe (Lisbon 1) and rattled the overstuffed turkeys in Europe. Then Micky Martin (The Ban-Man) told us that he’d had a chat in Europe and the second referendum would be a whole new document, that would guarantee our Corporate Tax Rate, the family rosary and anything else you could think of. Not a single actual amendment was made to the Lisbon Treaty though. We voted for the same document the second time around and succumbed to threats and lies. The question is though, is it our fault that we didn’t expose the lies ourselves ? The answer to that is going to be fucking important in the coming years.

  3. Well Im glad to be far far away from the rule of the EU. Everything about it I hate, this Lorenzo Bini Smaghiis just another unelected jobswoths lording over people. What I don’t understand why Irish people are rolling over and taking this s**t no bottle anymore.
    Iceland now they have some bottle having a second referendums did not work there. For anyone interested this is worth a read.

  4. I have never voted for Fianna Fail, in fact I have always made a point of voting against them. I also voted NO to NICE, MAASTRICHT & LISBON (Twice) so I totally refuse to accept any portion of blame for the shit we are in. I own 1 house (with a mortgage), and never went mad on the old spending during the so called Celtic tiger years, so this little Gimp and all the other un-elected EU fuckers can take a hike, “It’s not my fucking fault.”

  5. Scammer advises the scammers:

    Jesus christ on a bike, what next:
    BERTIE AHERN has taken to advising Nigerians on how they can avoid the mistakes made by Ireland and learn lessons from our woes.

    The former taoiseach is also highlighting the importance of running “well-regulated banks” as a way of attracting foreign investment to the west African state.

  6. “BERTIE AHERN has taken to advising Nigerians” and that other waste of space Gordon Brown is in line to take over as head of the IMF…you could not make this stuff up.

  7. In my opinion the crisis is a result of the profit driven banking system and governments who are afraid to make a change. I know jack shit about the financial world but when I see a bank on the stock exchange I see thousands of individuals who care about nothing else than short term profit (aka the shareholders). Guess which banks took the smallest hits during the crisis? Yes, the ones who don’t have are not in the list of the worlds stock exchanges. And those are the banks that get my money. I don’t care about the extra 1% interest; to me a bank is just a vault outside of my house. And if they want to make extra money with it, it should be done for long term gains with lower risk. So they should take advice from the pension funds and insurance companies. NOT those spawn of satan hedge funds.
    And when the crisis hits, the banks can’t save themselves because they don’t really have money. They have assets and debt. True value is created by the regular workforce and the companies. So they create extra value for let’s say $1.000 which the banks magically transform into $100.000 which they can they loan out again. This way they just create a new bigger bubble to swallow the old one. And I don’t want to think about the chaos that will be caused when the China bubble bursts.
    To solve this cycle, governments across the world should put big leashes with spikes and tazers on the banks. But of course they won’t because there will always be some country where they can run to, taking their billion dollar profits (and therefore taxes) elsewhere. The only other alternative would be if consumers would put there money with banks who take a safer investment course. But then you won’t get the high interest rates or the mortgage for your dream house.
    We as consumers are the only ones who can really force the system to change. But speaking for myself it is very hard not to take a step back in wealth and comfort while the rest of the world is racing forward blindly.
    So I guess we are screwed 🙂

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