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  1. I am truly stunned. It’s the weirdest thing. Commentators also make connections with other commentators. For some reason he was one of my favorites. I just liked him. Go with God BTD.

  2. Wow, a bit of a shock that. All the best to his family.

    I always wonder what happens to those that blog or comment when they just go silent, sometimes you know why, but others are a mystery.

  3. I do a greater service than all the condolences in the world to fat people who drop dead suddenly. What’s your waist measurement Brighid?

  4. I didn’t mean to be funny. Not tactful, yes. But relevant, extremely. This should send a message that overweight young people die. You read it everyday, but to see a picture makes the message clear. If it were my brother, I’d shout the same thing. I’m a Enneagram number One–a crusader.

    I was new to your blog March 19th. I didn’t know this guy. If I had I’d have let it go.

    I don’t tell you to retract your fucking fuck it all, fuck complaints. (Actually I LOVE your blog. You are the tops as your prizes each year show.)

    Gee, I didn’t know I had such substance for a paper doll.

  5. I was totally shocked when I read this a couple of days ago Grandad. Couldn’t even comment right away, because I was by way of a change absolutely speechless!
    Glad you wrote this. You are absolutely correct, the online connection thing is real – Every bit as real as those relationships in the real world.

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