Banning Irish — 11 Comments

  1. Up here in the North, Irish  unfortunately has been politicized way way to much by sinn fein.
    As a result because I am from the wrong community trying to take an Irish class would just be impossible which is sad really as part of me would love to learn Irish.

  2. WHAT?????   I don’t need to study my Irish Tour books anymore…or at least the Appendix with the “Gaelic” words???   WTF!    I failed Latin, btw.  LOL!     (Willie, stfu already!)

  3. TT – Irish is a bit like Latin.  Non-native speakers use it for the snob value.  Heh!

    BTD – Why don’t you nip over the channel to Scotland?  The Scots’ Gallic is very similar and it has no political ties or undertones.

    Willie – Don’t tell me you have to learn loads of Irish phrases so you can speak to the peasants?  Phrases like ‘pog mo thoin’?

  4. Thanks Grandad first bit of sense anyone has made to me since this “debate” came up. My dad had an old LP of a Dubliners live show in Dublin in 1966. In between songs they would craic a few jokes. I remember one of the dubliners saying something like “There was a suggestion made last year that all of the books banned in Ireland should be printed in Irish and this would be a great incentive for the Irish people to learn their own language!” 🙂

  5. Now what sort of problems are the Welsh providing you with Haddock ?  Such a bigotted, unqualified statement ….. ever heard of Entente cordiale?

  6. Haddock – Didn’t they try to ban Welsh at one stage?  If so, I rest my case.

    Welcome Bardcel!  This site is nothing but common sense [mixed with a healthy dose of crap].  That isn’t a bad idea about the books though.  The trouble is that they would have to start banning books again.

    Cardi – That’s French, not Welsh.

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