Groundhog Day — 9 Comments

  1. I can relate.  The political crap over here never stops. 

    “Why we can’t just be like Belgium and scrap the concept of a government, I don’t know.  The Belgians seem to get along fine and I imagine we would too.”
    How the hell does that work?   It seems too good to be true!     Maybe I could trade my Irish tour books for one about Belgium.   But wait!    Isn’t Belgium part of the EU?   I have about 16 EUROs left over from the Paris trip.

    Hopefully, there is no CNN there.   How I do ramble.

  2. I would like to hear more about your village and the characters therein. They sound like an interesting lot from what you have touched on in the past.

  3. Bill – Window licking kitty?  Wha?

    TT – They are a common enough lot.  If it’s OK with them, I might elaborate a bit further in the future.

  4. Sure you remember that cute kitty licking the slider, driving poor Sandy madd….Don’t be losing it on us now. 

  5. Ah! That little bollix!  I haven’t seen it in a while since I started letting Sandy out at the first sight of it.

  6. Just read an article where some Irishman from the NO to Lisbon campaign (sorry can’t recall his name or which blog I read it on. Bloody brain cell) talking what seemed like me to be sensible but then I’m English not Irish… getting to the point he suggested that a way out of the hole would be for Ireland to leave the Euro zone and enter Sterling, the currency not the town!!
    Any thoughts?

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