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  1. Boy, I was tempted to nominate you for Best Blog by a Politician but I didn’t.  You’ve been nominated for Best Personal Blog.

  2. I think you’ve got a shot at that best outraged category myself Grandad. I know absolutely nothing about Irish politics, but I’m getting a keen sense of your outrage on that front. I guess now would be a good time to ask whether you’ve been nominated for that one?

  3. Brianf – Aw shucks!  Thanks.  I shall think of you when I’m making my acceptance speech.

    Denise – I haven’t a clue.  Unlike some, I don’t nominate myself, so I will have no idea until the nominations are announced.

  4. The Europa Hotel. Ahh, I remember it well. Hard to believe it’s still there. It had been bombed several times by 1978. 17 I think. Are you going? Get Belfasttaxidriver to run you around.

  5. Holy shite! I spent several nights at the Europa Hotel, back when I was young and knew everything. Nowaday I  stay at Marriotts;I lose IQ points, but gain travel points…

    Would love to come see you in your cups but I expect they’ll call the ceremony off; I have it on good authority that no one blogs anymore. The whole thing will be somewhat anti-climatic I should expect.

  6. I have only stayed a few nights in the Europa.   I was working up there for the vote on the Good Friday Agreement, back in the Bad Old Days

  7. A couple of years ago, I complained that there was no religion/spirituality section, despite the churches being considerably more numerically significant than anything else in the list and never got so much as a reply.

  8. Well Good Luck from me – if you actually want to win an award that is.
    I’m not sure you set much score by them?

  9. Ian – Best Specialist?  Anyway, don’t worry.  I’m pretty annoyed that they don’t have a section for pensioners.  We’re in the same boat.

    Meltemian – I hold it in greater regard than some of the others.  As Homer once said – It’s not the taking part; it’s the winning.

    Marianne – *blush*

  10. Ah, the good old annual bitchfest in a swanky establishment who aren’t fully aware what a crowd of bloggers can really do.
    The bear better win this year…

  11. Well I decided to vote for you – what a quandary!
    Personal Blog?  —Yes.
    Current Affairs? —Often.
    Political? —Frequently.
    Humour? —Absolutely.
    Rant? — Most of the time.
    Outraged? —Sometimes.

    I plumped for Personal – Good Luck.

  12. Foreign?! OoooOoooo touchy subject there Grandad. At least it’ll be cheaper than Galway what with our Nordie drink prices.

    Best of luck for the nominations Grandad!

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