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  1. Dublin has loads of skyscrapers Grandad.

    Its just that Dublin being a modest city they were mostly built in holes.

    And people forget about the twenty five stories straight down.

    Out of sight out of mind. The solicitors down on floor Minus 19 are in for some shock when the Dublin Underground Rapi’h Transport Infrastructure Engineering Boring And Subterranean Team (Allied Roadworkers Divisions) burst through with the oul’ kangohammers.

    Maisie in conveyancing will shit herself. Again.

  2. ‘Accident’ ..? Like abortion there are no accidents in Ireland merely unforced happenings.

    I’ve a Viking longship at home on the mantelpiece that a fellow in the Thing Mote gave me for a couple of pints.

    Terrible for the dust. But it does make a nice conversation piece at my regular Swingers Parties.

  3. Cap’n Con – Aren’t you worried about Vikings raping and pillaging around upstairs?  Not to mention the room a longship must take up?  You must have a damned big house……

    TT – I passed on that one as I wasn’t sure.  Half the announcers here have a horrible mock-American accent and I think it may be one of those.

  4. I like the ad, but the films it reminds me of — Independence Day and the remakes of War of the Worlds and Godzilla — while enjoyable enough for what they are, aren’t the sort of thing I’d be looking for in a film festival.

  5. I’m with you Grandad. Weird ad. Just think of the hours of talks around tables they had to come up with…. That…. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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