Dame Enda Average — 7 Comments

  1. Seems to me that as in Egypt Ireland is having its old and dysfunctional leader replaced by a new stooge. The only difference is the Egyptians are out on the streets and the Irish aren’t, yet!

  2. Bill – I honestly don’t know what to expect from the new lot.  What we need is a new system and not just a new party.  Time will tell.

    TT – I haven’t decided.  Basically they are all rehashing the same tired policies and tired politics.  There are a couple of independents that are grabbing my interest.  Doubtless my letterbox will soon enough be stuffed with junk.

  3. Are you sure don’t want us to send you Sarah Palin? I mean sure, she’s probably no better than your current line up of politicians but she’s a heck of a lot better looking.

  4. She is easy on the eye, I will grant you.  Any chance you could give her a total lobotomy?  We might take her then.

  5. He knows his tenure will be a brief one before he is pushed/forced aside by baldy noonan who will then keep the seat warm for their real leader,step forward richard/dickie bruton. What a shower of fucking chancers and wankers,plus ca change.

  6. Welcome Pat!  Jayzus but that Noonan fella and his voice.  He always sounds as if he is just about to read you your rights before arresting you.  Tricky Dicky Bruton is much easier on the eyes and ears.  Still a wanker though.

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