Mandela and me — 12 Comments

  1. So you’d probably do it again – wonder if Mrs ‘Grandad’ would……..
    Yes, I bet she would.
    Anyway only 36 yrs?  47years next month with ‘Mr Meltemian’ for my sins!

  2. “If I had a chance to go back, would I do it all again” ?
    Too right .. Who wants to be Nelson feckin’ Mandela anyway ?

  3. Bill – She used to have a site, but she forgot to pay the bills or something.  Leastwise it doesn’t exist any more.  I’ll pass on your message.  Heh!

    Mossy – I’m probably taller than him, so I’m definitely over half the man he is.  And don’t worry – offence taken.

    Meltemian – I doff my cap to you.  Forty seven is good going.  I wonder what our secret is?

    Haddock – Too true.  I never particularly wanted to live in South Africa anyway.

  4. Congratulations!
    (And why has Mossy got an Austrian flag as well as me?  Has the whole country left?)

  5. I have an Austrian flag because I work for an Austrian company and the server is in Vienna.
    In actual fact I work in Tunisia for an Austrian company but I’m Irish – go figure.
    Glad you took offense !!

  6. I s’pose congratulations are in order for you…sympathies to herself..sainthood calls.
    By the way I’ve done a runner too.

  7. yah me too, 32 and counting, what the hell was I thinking, probably using the wrong head to think with.

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