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  1. Here here Grandad. But alas we all know this will not happen and frankly I am not sure who would even be able to overhaul the system? Back to good old 70’s and 80’s, high unemployment, massive emigration, the only difference now is that there is even less money to spend on critical National infrastructure projects, housing, hospitals etc. So in short Ireland will be a dead man walking for the next 10 years. Oh, and not to mention the huge debts that people are saddled with.
    I see houses being abandoned by their owners left and right over the next 3 years, this already happened in the States, and continues to happen.

  2. Paul – Of course it isn’t going to happen.  The only ones who can make it happen are the incumbents.  Do I hear the words Turkey and Christmas?

    Bill – I did indeed.  Heh!

    Doc – They are the same the world over apparently.


  3. The missus’ plane is taking off right now. On her way to Manchester. Will be flying over the manor about 0900 hrs GMT. You got any of those heat seeking missiles left? 

  4. From today’s letters page in the Irish Times:

    Madam, – One pole in Dunshaughlin today displays posters for Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Tom Duffy’s Circus.

    Never has it been so easy to make up one’s mind. – Yours, etc,

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