Now it is personal — 6 Comments

  1. What ever about a hole, I had an absolute gaping chasm when I got this months payslip. And the nerve to call it a “Social” charge? There’s fuck all social about it and bugger all of that money will go to helping other in need (which I wouldn’t mind).

  2. Grandad, What a selfish bastard you are. Don’t you realise that it takes a hundred guys, just like yourself, to pay for Bertie’s pension alone, never mind McDowell, Harney and the rest. Have you no fucking respect for your betters ???

  3. Gamma – That can be arranged.  Animal or human?  Or both?

    Robert – More or less a summary of what I said.  Heh!

    John – I would almost prefer my cash should go to German banks than that little fuckwad, and that’s  saying something.

  4. I’ve been retired for over two years now – and wish I’d stashed any cash into the mattress rather than any so called investment funds.  I think our particular age have been financially shafted since the sixties!!!  We’re ruled by out of touch, public school millionaires who’re adept at lining their own pockets.  I’ll just pour another whiskey …. whilst I can still afford it.

  5. Cardi – It is because I have been shafted so often that I am damned careful with my stash.  It is where the bastards here will never find it.  Heh!

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