Women are revolting — 16 Comments

  1. I can’t help but notice all three of the women you name are called Mary.

    It must be something in that name…

  2. There is something about Mary all right.  If it makes you happy, I can throw in Beverly ‘The Banker’ Cooper-Flynn?

  3. I also watched that sick-inducing bitch Bruton on with Vincent Browne last night and I’m hoping the bloke in the front room right now, will have the telly fixed by tonight. But, on the basis of what I saw, I question your suggestion that “All candidates must have their credentials on full display”. The only thing that could have made Joan even uglier last night, would have been the sight of her naked.

  4. Since UPS delivers world-wide, I will gladly package up Sara Palin and ship her overnight to y’all.  (I know, how does this comment advance anything?   Maybe to piss off a few far right-wingers over here.)

    Of course, she will be wrapped in dead caribou skin, taken from one her more recent kills.  I figure this will be fair payment for all those Irish folks that found their way to our fair shores(?).

    How’s ’bout I throw in the Bush family?  They know how to really screw up a country.  Maybe the Dick Cheney as a bonus?

    I could rant on here.  Maybe I could turn this theme into a diatribe?

  5. John – Between Burton throwing a series of wobblers last night and another Labourite [female – can’t remember the name] calling all Independents a ‘rag-bag’, I think dear Eamonn has his work cut out on the PR front!!  Joan Burton naked?  Eeewwwww!

    Willie – You can fuck off with your Sarah Palin.  Anyway she’s not a <ary so she doesn’t count.

    Brianf – Yup.  Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

  6. GD…Ok..that was too easy of a solution to send S.Palin over to you.  I tried.  But what is a/an “<cary”?  Someone from County Kerry?

  7. I’m not qualified to comment on Irish politics, but I do take exception to the blasting of the name Mary.  My daughter was named after her sainted grandmother, Mary.  A better woman would be hard to find. 
    It’s disappointed I am that you don’t want Willie’s gift.  Funny how SP hasn’t done anything, besides quit her government job, write a few books, make some real uninformed remarks, and be a media personality.  The girls/guns around here are unimpressed with her “skills”. 
    Since Willie already used the only BIG words I know I’ll leave it at that….

  8. Grim Reaper said….
    “I can’t help but notice all three of the women you name are called Mary”
    Iv got another Mary to add to the list Mary Robinson another waste of space.

  9. As someone with the middle name Mary, and being in possession of the aforementioned quota of ‘knockers’ I should probably take exception to this – but actually I agree with you (almost).  With a few notable exceptions politics seems to bring out the worst in a lot of women.
    It’s over 40 years since I was last ‘barefoot & pregnant’ so I’m not going to fall for that one.  Mind you I was often barefoot, we were broke & I used to wear those rubber flip-flops most of the time.
    As for driving, good women drivers are as good as, or better than men.  Bad drivers are not exclusively women, but the lot in the middle do seem to have a greater proportion of women, I’m pretty average myself.  The difference is men all think they are great drivers regardless.

  10. Hey I just read this someone’s having a laugh…..
    IDA Ireland has welcomed the results of the Ernst and Young globalisation index for 2010, which sees Ireland move to second place globally ahead of Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland.
    Ahead of Singapore I don’t think so, are these the same people who put Biffo in the top 10 world leaders.

  11. Willie – <ary was supposed to be Mary, but the M fell over and some bits broke off.

    Brighid – It is a strange coincidence you have to admit?  And we have enough dimwits in the country without taking on more.

    Peacock – Leave my aunt out of this, please.

    Meltemian – Come to think of it, I can pretty much guarantee that a load of our male Gubmint have the middle name of Mary.  It’s a quirk of this country, to give males a female middle name.

    Holemaster = You like living dangerously?  Heh!

    As for Ireland being high on the globalisation list doesn’t surprise me.  It just means that all the profits go abroad.

  12. I haven’t been around to your blog in a while – busy with college and being a ‘mature’ student!  You’ve changed the decor here! Ah well….a change is as good as the rest….or a rest I mean.  Hope you’re keeping well!
    Anyway, as gender oriented as this sounds, I shall be basing my vote on whoever has the biggest set of liathroidi in the next election. Fact!

  13. Welcome back, SusanC.  Yup.  I thought a change of wall paper and a coat of paint was in order.

    I shall be basing my vote on whoever has the biggest set of liathroidi in the next election!”   You’ll be voting for a woman then, as none of the men seem to have any?

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