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  1. Most of the officers took to the lifeboats during the week.  He is grabbing the last seat before the last boat leaves.  God help the passengers!

  2. Makes you wonder just how far Von Rumpey and Barroso have inserted themselves into the fat man doesn’t it?

  3. God knows what the fuck was going through his mind [if anything!].  Leastwise the total destruction of his party is almost complete.

  4. Not sure how welcome a comment from an Englishman will be on a matter that has absolutely fuck-all to do with him, but surely if you’ve got rid of one useless fat bastard it at least gives you the chance of having someone marginally less useless taking over?

    No – that’s no bloody comfort at all is it?

    I’ll get me coat. And hat… I definitely had a hat…

  5. What’s the betting he’ll be out before 11th March – although it would obviously be extremely helpful if he manages to cling on as PM, a la Gorgon Brownfinger, just to make absolutely positive they’re totally unelectable. 😉 😛

  6. Caratacus – Why the hell should I object to comments from Over The Water?  The best I can say about our prospective new leader is that he at least doesn’t look like he has just demolished a greasy steak.

    Spider – I would love to see him stick it out, and am sorry that he has resigned as party leader.  The longer he is there the more damage he does to Fianna Fail’s prospects.  I would love t see a total annihilation!  😈

  7. Comical Leni has thrown his hat in the ring. So to has his brother Kebab.
    Also O’Cuiv is throwing his hat in the ring. Imagine, de Valera’s grandson? It’s bad enough that we seem to have reverted back to the 80s but with a fool like O’Cuiv we would be back in the 1940s in no time at all.

  8. Family skeleton is I might be De Valeras’s Grandson. Anyways looks like you are going to have a snap general election GD.

  9. Robert – At this rate we shall all be dancing at the crossroads.  And now the Greens have walked out!  What a fucking mess.

  10. TT- Could ypu please provide written evidence that you are NOT Dev’s grandson?  Otherwise I shall have to ban you from this site.

    As  for the latest, not content with sinking the ship, they are now sinking the lifeboats!!

  11. Yeah yeah yeah how many yanks large it up … all 18 grandmothers pinned down by machinegun fire in the GPO in 1916 etc etc.

    TT could you and your compatriots please stop feeling so insecure about your parentage to the point of making it all up?

    Americans just do not understand the difference between ‘morketing’ themselves and bullshit.

    My grandad Bearshit O’Sullivan planned Alaska.

  12. Captain,
    “Yeah yeah yeah how many yanks large it up … all 18 grandmothers pinned down by machinegun fire in the GPO in 1916 etc etc.”
    If it had not been for potatoes, or lack of them, I may not be sitting here today.

    And your g’dad really fucked up Alaska, by-the way.

  13. My grandad Bearshit O’Sullivan planned Alaska”  Holy shit!  Did he plan Sarah Palin too?

  14. Be fair he is right about bullshit. Don’t care for it myself. Maybe I should give myself a fake rank like “Captain.”

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