Cats and dogs — 10 Comments

  1. Octopi are reputed to be very smart. Very. Not sure where I would keep one though. Or what I could do with it. As for cats, kill ’em all.

  2. Cats would eat you if they were big enough. Dogs would be too stupid and would still play and demand sticks be thrown for them n’such.


  3. TT – Octopuses [octopi?] are only interested in watching football.  Boring…

    Con – How can you possibly use the words ‘dog’ and ‘stupid’ in the same sentence?  Our Sandy is a hell of a lot more intelligent than a lot of people I know!

    Willie – Very true.  The little fuckers spend their time demanding, and give little in return.  I refuse to be bossed by a furball.

  4. Said cat must be bored shitless at home if it has to get its kicks by walking up to your window and send Sandy mental.
    Does said cat realise there is glass between it and Sandy and just sit and laugh, as if cat’s laugh, at Sandy going banana’s or does it leg it?

  5. I don’t know whether it’s bored or just plain stupid [though I suspect the latter].  It always legs it when Sandy lights up.  Sandy makes for the door handle which proves she is intelligent.  The door is usually locked but won’t be from now on.  Heh!

  6. Not sure about your mission statement or whatever it is at the top of your blog. It could do with a bit of rejigging.
    Seeing as you’re a busy bloke, I’m happy to oblige.
    Grant me the memory not to forget the people I never liked anyway,
    the good fortune to run over them,
    and the eyesight to make sure I hit them while reversing too.
    There you go.
    For some reason the word Cowen was in my mind as I typed that.

  7. I can’t stand cats either and I’m convinced that each and every one of them is a conniving little bag of fur. You could try leaving orange peel on the windowsill that the cat is using. Cats don’t like citrus and the smell should keep it away. Failing that, get lifesize photos of yourself and Sandy and place them in the room. As the cat is trying to work out why you aren’t moving, you can release Sandy the cruise missile at the little runt.

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