First aid — 9 Comments

  1. The eye patch is for dressing up as a pirate. If you like the look of the table next to you in a restaurant, you can throw over a rope you’ve fashioned out of a few napkins and shout: “prepare to be boarded!” I’ve tried this a few times when eating-out and only once have I had my head kicked in.

  2. Gammagoblin – Don’t go in much for the pirate thingy but I can see it has possibilities.  Got a spare parrot?

    TT – That sounds plausable.  You like the same kind of bar too?

  3. I think the eye patch is in case you get into a fight in a pirate bar.  This way things will be even if you’re fighting someone with an eye patch of their own.

  4. GD…Did you pick up one of those sport packs, just in case you are injured in a sporting event?  Or even when watching one? 

    How kind it is of you to think about Herself’s well-being.  What a Prince!

  5. Em…. no Johnny’s to protect the wee fireman !!!
    Or is that what the eye-patch is for

  6. Willie – Anything with the word ‘sport’ in it is completely ignored.  I would have deleted your comment on that basis, but you had the grace to recognise me as a true philanthropist.

    John – Johnnys?  Jayzus!!  Are you in the habit of screwing in bars and restaurants?

    Welcome Meltemian!  Frankly I am a bit bemused by the entire list.  Now if they had listed Aspirin and something to settle the stomach I wouldn’t have passed comment at all.  Very weird.

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