The C word — 15 Comments

  1. Ah the wisdom of the female gender, especially when they are not “under” the influence!  Bravo!!!!

  2. Oh dear – seems you don’t like the lad very much …. is it ’cause he slobbers? It would be an interesting one for Spitting Image

  3. He’s the only leader whose face looks the same as a map of the  country he represents.
    Also, speaking of cunts; I see Dick Cheney, Montague Burns’ double, has decided on having a heart transplant at some point.
    Let’s hope he gets a human one this time around.

  4. John – Yes, she can be quite incisive at times.

    TT – I’m sure that Cowen is quite useful too.  Unfortunately we haven’t yet had a glimmer of anything that he might be good at.

    Cardi – What on earth gave you that idea??  Spittin Image would have a field day with the lot of ’em.

  5. He’s the only leader whose face looks the same as a map of the  country he represents”  Brilliant!!  🙂

  6. “A fucking ignorant loutish liar who hasn’t a fucking clue” – it was a good try!
    But at least she’s now finally discovered that sometimes nothing except the “c” word can fully describe a useless fucking cunt like Cowen. 😉

  7. you will find that Mr Cowen is actually a perineum
    in layman words, a perineum is the bit half way between an arse and a cunt
    its usually what gets ripped and torn to bits during childbirth

  8. Willie – Ah g’wan!

    Welcome, Barking!  It’s true.  It is very very difficult to call Biffo anything other than a fucking cunt.  Woops! There I go again….

    John – The bit that holds the dangleberries?  Heh! Yes.  That’s appropriate.

  9. Thanks for the welcome, Grandad. 🙂
    Here’s one for you – the perineum is also known in slang terms as “Biffa’s Bridge” – how close to the mark is that? 😛

  10. Damnit but my education is sadly lacking.  All those years teaching me fucking useless stuff like Latin and Shakespeare’s Sonnets when I should have been learning useful things.

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