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  1. Is that obviously self-satisfied drunk rich? Because I don’t see those lil’ beauties hangin’ all over the pug ugly otherwise…

  2. Yes and the other good things are Lenihan has shown himself to be a totally two faced twat and Hanafin a chicken livered cunt. All in all a really good day for Fianna Fail.
    I still bet they get around 25% in the election cause there still around that many Gobshites in Ireland.

  3. Doc – I almost find myself ashamed to admit this, but that drunken twat is our fucking Prime Minister.  He was Minister for Finance during the period when our banks were causing mayhem, and is now leading the country right down the toilet.  He is an arsehole of the ultimate magnitude.

    Neelly – I just hope that Hannafin one gets her comeuppance come the election.  Of the entire parliamentary party, Lehihan is about the only one I would acknowledge if he was on fire.  I still wouldn’t vote for him though.  The rest of them can go to hell.

  4. Ah…sorry: I should have pegged him for a pol from his unearned confidence alone.

    Could be worse however: this jackass will not only be making our lives miserable for the next couple of years, but, worse, he’s been inspiring morons like this cretin to also run…

    le sigh

    I fear we’re in for a plague of loons and zombies; keep your wits and carved stakes close.

  5. D’you know, I’m beginning to think that maybe the American “right to bear arms” isn’t so crazy after all!  With drunks, lunatics and religious fanatics in charge, what hope have the rest of us?

  6. Will you be kind enough to explain why you nickname him Biffo – sems quite apt … his persona doesn’t exactly instill confidence in anything to an outsider let alone his fellow countrymen – I can understand why he’s not exactly your first choice in the friendship stakes grandad!

  7. GD…I don’t think the Founding Fathers had “guns in the hands of crazies” in mind.   And in the 1770’s “arms” were muskets which took about 6 minutes to reload, give-or-take.  (not rapid-fire Glocks with a 30 bullet clip)

    Your devine leader has pretty good taste in female companions for photo ops.

  8. Cardi – He has had that nickname for many years.  Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly.  Appropriate or what?

    Willie  – I was thinking more in terms of shooting the crazies.  It’s all some of ’em deserve.

  9. Would it be possible to post a recent photo of Signor Berlusconi in the company of ravishing comely maidens beside that photo of Signor Cowen in the company of healthy-toothed colleens? It might help us to guess which esteemed Prime Minister is sexier looking.

  10. Dentists would be eyeing the ladies’ teeth; students of Machiavelli the features of their idols’ faces.

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