Designer bugs — 18 Comments

  1. It gets the thumbs up from me.  I like it, but no faster so I guess you are still on the same server.
    Who drew the cartoon you?  Very fetching I’m sure!

  2. I like the new header, that said it’s back to taking for….ever…. to load…..bummmmmer……

  3. Bugger!  The design shouldn’t make any difference to loading times.  In fact it should be marginally quicker as there are fewer graphics files.  I’ll have to take a look under the bonnet.

    The character is taken from a painting by Margerita Wargola, though I modified it slightly.

  4. I like the new banner…I like the very guilty look on GD.   It re-enforces the guilt the CHURCH attempted to use as a control in my earlier days.   I do miss the boobs…Halle Berry?   I used to dream that HB would pick me out of a crowd of pretty faces.  No such luck.   Anyway, GD, is there anyway to bring the boobs back?   Please?

  5. Have you no fairy-lights to spare after Christmas?
    Flashing lights at the top and down the sides would really bring the site into the 20th century.
    Only messing.*
    *On the advice of my lawyers.

  6. I also like the new theme–very clean. The header image fits you very well. And yeah, the site is a bit sluggish but not bad. The home page is the faster at 1.34 secs and individual posts seem to clock in at 2.5 to 3.25 secs (should be around .7 or less ideally). I doubt it’s the new theme at all, has to be something else.

  7. With less graphics the site takes less time indeed to download. But But But…the pipe and the comely maiden are sadly missing. That man needs a pipe in his mouth and the old attic blunderbuss in his hands to complete the I’m gonna blast any ornery intruders who violate my domestic property look on his face. What are your views on The National Rifle Association?

  8. TT – Looks like Twenty’s?  How very dare you.  Completely different and much superior.

    Willie – Much as I would like to reinstate the knockers, there isn’t really anywhere I can put them.  Maybe I should link to a downloadable file?

    BTD – I think so too.  Sort of minimalist?

    Kirk M – I have been running a series of tests and I am inclined to think the problem may lie outside the site.  To be on the safe side, I have disabled a couple of plugins anyway.

    Gerry – I thought about sticking a pipe in, but as Herself says – a pipe would make him look calm and serene.  We can’t have that?  My views on the NRA?  That would take more than the comment box could handle.

    Brighid – Great stuff.  Glad to hear that someone appreciates all my efforts!

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