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  1. Haha,superb! I’m in America right now, very little mention of Palin so far. But i highly doubt the Atlantic will ever be wide enough to keep us safe from that

  2. oh i think i’m pretty safe there – although they could be kinda fun!
    did you get my email yesterday?

  3. Typical! Might be more than one, i sent a couple over Christmas.
    Safe? What’s that mean? You can’t walk into a diner in America without a big sign telling you that eating there means you risk food poisoning and cancer.

  4. If that dreaded day should come (that she lands in the white house) may I come stay with you?
    I don’t know what some see in her either, but I don’t personally know anyone who’s a supporter of hers. I guess they’re around but it’s a big country.
    OOH, just thought of one guy I knew who supports her. He used to be a friend on Facebook.

  5. I am on record as being a true Palin hater.   Check earlier GD posts.  She is leading a very dangerous movement, and I will work to end of my days to help expose her as the demagod she is.   More to follow.    

  6. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Palin!
    What I don’t get is all the folks out there complaining about intrusive government and not embracing what Sarah Palin stands for.  She is the voice of the people who don’t want socialized healthcare and big government telling them what to do and when to do it.  She is the spokeperson for the average joe on the street who is taxed to death and sick and tired of the entitlement mentality that is so pervasive today.  She stands for individualism and faith in the goodness of our fellow man.  Individualism is important to Americans.  We are free to do or become whatever we want to but more and morre recently that is being taken away from us by the increase in the influence of the federal government.  Sarah Palin is the one of the figureheads fighting against that and for that I applaud her.  To me she stands for a greater freedom and a less intrusive government.  You should read her book “Going Rogue”.  It will give you a good understanding of what she is all about.  I have her newest book, “America by Heart” on my Kindle but I have yet to read it.
    I don’t know where you get your news but it sounds like you are getting a biased and slanted view.

  7. What a great comedy you write.  The local starring parts are well played, the imported ones even more so.  I’m not sorry the ending didn’t turn out the way you thought it should. 

  8. I would love socialised healthcare. Had to drop private health insursance as they just put it up 50% from $400 a month to $600 a month. Greedy corporate America at work. Far as I’m concerned Palin and her ilk can go fuck themselves.

  9. We have the innate ability to do ourselves in without help from a broad…witness the comment section of your blog…diatribe on…incite…it’s a great comedy of horrors
    PS:  love the new header

  10. Sigh. I for one will be on the first flight out of here if she ever gets elected into the White House! I have many American friends saying the same so I’m hoping it won’t come to that as they exercise their right to vote.
    A maximum security home for the bewildered… I like that.:-)

  11. She is not my spokesperson..not now..not ever…even though I am as about common joe as one get get.  Plus, she is really a bad shot.

  12. Palin, with her erratic sense of humour and her plain-girl-next-door face and hairdo, is the secret weapon of the Democratic Party. If she runs in the next presidential race her Democrat opponent is sure of a shoe-in. Or is he? One thing is sure: I won’t be placing a big bet on the outcome with friendly neighbourhood bookmaker Ivan Yates.

  13. PS: Bring back the old pipe and the frontal view of the buxom maiden to the top of your blogsite home page! You look like a GOP-voting crusty in the new design.

  14. GD…I like the sneaky looking guy in the header.    I think you look like you have just been busted by Herelf.

  15. Bugger!  I posted this and then started messing with a new design.  Shortly after, I fell asleep so I missed all the fun!

    The design is a mistake.  It wasn’t meant to be seen, but a couple of files on the live site got corrupted so it was easier to switch to the new one.

    As for Ms Palin, I thought I would get more of a lashing than I did.  The story of my life.  I’m sorry now that I fell asleep and missed most of it.

    God but I miss those tits!!!!


  16. And here I am chuckling Grandad… And thinking I must write a post about Ms. Palin myself. Apparently it’s a surefire way to get comments.;-)

  17. One never knows what will fire the imagination?  My problem is that too many people agree with me.  It’s difficult then to start a good fight.

  18. Compare Ms Palin with Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot maybe? What politician in America closely resembles Ian Paisley? Not Palin, she doesn’t have the booming loud mouth. In fact it’s the occasional contortion of her mouth that bugs me, not the quaint imbecilities of her utterances. Recalling media watcher Mashall McLuhan, I would say that her mouth is the message, and that hairdo is the garnish.

  19. “Psychologists say that we react most violently toward those who harbor qualities we most dislike about ourselves.”  Cyberquill

  20. I think Palin is a dangerous individual & shouldn’t be dismissed as having no hope of getting elected, America re-elected Bush.

    On the subject of Coughlan, she is an idiot but she is also hot & I would & I know most of you others would too.

  21. “My problem is that too many people agree with me.  It’s difficult then to start a good fight.”

    Been telling you this for ever !! Although you can always rely on yours’ truly.

  22. TT – That’s why you are always welcome [until I decide otherwise].

    Lafsword – The only reason Coughlan looks ‘hot’ is because she is usually surrounded by a mob of plug-uglies.  Take it from me – she isn’t.

    Brighid – Psychologists need their heads examined, in my opinion.

    Gerry – There has to be a joke in there somewhere about Paisley and lipstick, but I’m damned if I can find it.

  23. Just popped in to clarify one point.  Palin didn’t start the tea party movement.  That was actually started by Aaron Russo supporters and fringe “constitutionalists” groups, along with Ron Paul supporters.  Palin and her supporters hijacked the movement once it gained in popularity.

  24. For me, she filled the comedy void after Bush left. I just have to look at her and I laugh. When she opens her mouth though? God the tears trip me.

    What worries me though is that this idiotic woman rose to the top of her party. She didn’t get there with her brains.

  25. White Rabbit – The problem I have is that she puts herself across as an ordinary housewife and mother, which is fine.  She is just too fucking cutesy cutesy though when it comes to anything else.  What scares me is the way they keep electing these lunatics Over There.

  26. Oh…Sarah!

    Above those downy soft pre-menopausal cheeks,
       behind that seamless forehead,
    lies an emptiness to rival that of Alaska

    Aware of only her needs wants desires
       Sarah takes pride, to its fullest measure,
    in her willful ignorance (moue)

    Pert high breasted and high horsed
       Sarah lopes behind the herd the better to lead
    us away from ourselves
    Slow to respond to challenges though
       to be fair she shouldn’t have to recall
    her own name when she can speak in tongues
    Thy inner beauty is as truthful as the penned word
    Thy smile as fetching as a bruised ego
    Thy thoughts as…thy thoughts!
    Our magnificent bridge to nowhere
       our amply endowed agent of change
    wouldn’t (couldn’t) hurt a moose.

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