Quadraphonic silence — 10 Comments

  1. Willie – It would more than likely give cause for a hearing aid.  There should be a danger notice on the volume control.

    Brianf – Wouldn’t I then have to wear a daft pair of spectacles?  Forget it!

  2. If you want to avoid a possible explosive blowout of sound next time you potter around with stereophonic attachments to your TV set, here is a YouTube and some other versions of John Cage’s mind-blowing but not ear-shattering musical composition called 4’33”

    Did you ever listen to it on Classical FM or Lyric FM? Maybe you found Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence more moving?

  3. TT – “she was a lousy shag”  Definitely a different lass.

    Gerry – I have heard of that one all right.  I believe it’s very popular in juke-boxes?  I know I would pay to listen to it in a pub….

  4. And if you’re into literature, a scholar discovered an unpublished manuscript by Samuel Beckett when searching through the archives a few years ago. It consisted of five plain untyped A4 sheets. It is possible that John Cage set the words of this manuscript to music. An American professor is believed to be writing a book about it, but the scholarly footnotes will be invisible.

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