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  1. I like you created an account there years ago and quickly became bored with it.  Then I discovered that you can never leave.  It is impossible to delete your account once it is created.  I deleted all information in my account but am not allowed to delete it.  So I have an account at facebook with no information in it.  That kinda’ works for me.

  2. Here is a real kick in the facebook ass.  Goldman Sacs will be the brokage firm who will handle the first public offering of stock in facebook.  These are the same crooks who were (are) a big part of the real estate collapse in the USA.  Now that does frost me. 

    Brainf…you can deactivate your account.   Which I may do, but I use facebook to plug my blog. 

  3. Down with Facebook. All those Friends were phony – they didn’t lift a shovel or send you a naggin of Jamesons or a pouch of shag (shaggin?) tobacco during the recent snow siege, Grandad. Your only real friends were herself and Santa.

  4. Brianf – I decided I would leave mine there. If any prospective employer wants to search my background, it’s all there.  Heh!

    Willie – They are the fuckers who I am bailing out with my income tax.  It’s because of bastards like them that the Irish bank bailout is costing so much.

    Gerry – You forgot Sandy, my one true friend.

  5. gOldMan Sacs  stands to make 450 million smackers from the facebook deal.  Meanwhile, two of the grown kids in the blended family are struggling mightly with Bank of America (!) foreclousers.  I’m deactivated fb, the  corperate bastards.  As soon as I plug my blog tomorrow.

  6. I hate facebook. I seriously seriously hate it! Why do people feel the need to share that their related to me. Why does it matter to them that I’m not listed as their son, brother or what ever. WHY!

    Yet, I’m still there. Mainly because it keeps me in contact with some fantastic musicians. I just wish there wasn’t as much information thrown around.

    Oh. Happy Christmas… 🙂

  7. I have deativate my facebook account today.  Bye to all those “friends”.    Facebook will began soon to sell members’ information.   Goldman Sacs will handle facebook’s IPO.  ‘nuf is ‘nuf.  That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!

  8. Also I have dropped all google ads on my blog.    I wonder how long it will be before google drops me.

    Is there anybody out there?

  9. hey there granddad happy new year. i have a love hate realtionship with facebook. its great to catch up with new friends but bad to well when it comes to knowing potinal new bfs. i mean here s a funny story for you. i met this guy last year met him in a bar. seem normal enough and we went out a few times and we swapped numbers. so i saw him for a while we than broke up. so what does the idiot do. hack into my own facebook account and put on my wall im a whore. i am now a qualififed massage theraoit but thanks to that jerk i have had no buisness since. you see facebook is great to meet up with new people but can be really bad for idiots that cant take a bloody hint. i did managed to get the comments off my wall and lucky for me certain people did believe the truth of me being honest and hard working but thankfully they didnt believe the lies. but at the same time facebook is not all that good for oyur work or personal life at all.

  10. Vicky – And a Happy New Year to you too,  The golden rule with Facebook is never to put anything personal on it.  I just can’t understand how people put really personal stuff, like phone numbers or their address up there.  It’s asking for trouble.  I wouldn’t worry too much about your account being hacked – how many people really take it at face value?

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