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  1. We’ve been having the same troubles with some of our equipment also.  Please let us know if your lights dim from time to time.  We’ll recalibrate our machines.

  2. Fridge freezers won’t work if it’s too cold. Seems ridiculous, but your best bet would be to install a little heater in the garage near it – you don’t need to heat it much, just enough to get it into a temperature range where it can actually work. (Check the manual – probably around 0 is “warm enough”).
    Or get a chest freezer.

  3. It is because the freezer part is supplied by ‘cold’ from the ‘fridge part.
    Because the ambient temperature is low, the thermostat on the freezer part does not go below the set temperature and so the compressor does not switch on.   In consequence, the freezer temperature rises.
    Solution: do not put this type of fridge/freezer in an unheated room or garage.
    A possible short term solution is to lower the thermostat to as low as possible to force the compressor to run, then, when the freezer part is significantly cold, raise the thermometer setting.   You will need to do this from time to time.   Unfortunately this may mean that the milk in the fridge will freeze !

  4. The CIA – They do dim, actually.  Is that you and your daft bugs again?

    Ciaran – Manual?  I wouldn’t know where to start looking.  I don’t think there ever was one.

    Another Grandad?  Can there be more than one?  So it looks like I have to move the damned thing indoors.  The problem now is where to put it.  I suppose I’ll just have to move more of Herself’s stuff down to her shed.

    johnie – He did indeed.  And he wasn’t the only one.

  5. Wllie – I think it is enough said.  I have enough litigation on my hands without  adding any ex-wives.

  6. Are you far from the shops? Then I can understand your need for a fridge freezer, and the discount you can get on buying cuts of meat for bulk storage.
    I am near shops and would never dream of storing frozen cuts of meat in a freezer. I like the exercise and sense of life purpose that shopping several times a week for little bits of sausages, rashers and easi spread can give me.
    Then there are those horror stories one reads about power cuts that defrost fridge freezers, ruining all the carefully stored food inside.

  7. GD..Lawyers were will paid years ago for legal entanglement costs.  In retrospect, your blog made me wonder if I would have only stored “her” (the ex) outside, that would have regulated her hot/cold mode.  Just a thought. 

  8. Geting all your stuff ordered correctly (to be delivered) has to be a nightmare. I like going to the store. Best place for a really good dump. Lovely clean toilets.

  9. tt…Went to see True Grit last night and stopped at the local WallyMart to take a piss.  There was a table with flowers on it in the men’s room.  I turned around and walked out to see if I had walked into the wrong side.  Nope, it was for those who pee in a urinal.  Some guy cracked, “This place must be run by some queer!”  I said I thought it was a nice touch, having the flowers, that is.  The place was clean, and there were even paper towels in the holder…a rarity for these here parts.   Happy dumping, by the way.

  10. Willie, It’s like having diaper changing tables in the men’s. Really pisses me off.
    How did he compare with John Wayne?

  11. I think J. Bridges did a fine job.  It was bloody as it is the Cohen boys.  Good story.  The young woman playing Mattie is worth the ticket price.  The scene with Rooster Cogill (sp?) shooting with two pistols and reins(?) in his mouth   (I am brain dead today) is included.  How could True Grit be done without that?   I say “Thumbs Up”.

    As for the guy making the “queer” comment-he needs to work on his female self.  Forgive the rambling as I have just return from shopping during “geezer day.”  That takes a bit true grit, itself.

    Real men can change diapers.

  12. “Real men can change diapers.” Yeah, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, as a cowboy said in one of them classic gun slinging westerns a long time ago. Feminists took it up with a propaganda poster during the 1970s.

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