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  1. Ahh, but Ireland isn’t the real world is it? It’s the land of faeries and little people and giants’ causways and kissing stones and pots of gold at the end of  rainbows. And Grandad!

  2. The reasons not to be a tourist in Ireland just keep piling up.  Thanks, GD. (not the least of these is the possibility of getting shot!)

  3. Miss Pat has just called the medic to have delivered a prozac (sp?) drip for me.  She says I am pacing around, arms flinging, and muttering something about faceook being crooks and robber bandits.  I think she is dialing 911.

  4. In that case the faeries and little people had better mind their health.  There is nothing worse than a sick leprechaun.

    Willie – Surely a little thing like a high chance of being killed wouldn’t be enough to put you off?  And just keep taking the Prozac.  You’ll be grand.


  5. Very sleepy..Think I’ll just take a nap.  Maybe the world will go away while I do.  Night!

  6. Grandad,

    You havn’t even mentioned the best bits for your overseas visitors. If you are referred to a consultant or specialist by your a GP in Ireland, there is a strong chance that the letter of referral will never be read. Thousands of similar unopened letters were found in a Dublin Hospital in 2010.

    In the same vein, thousands of ignored X-rays were found in another. The winter vomiting bug season is upon us, a time when the sick and frail will leave hospital in much a worse condition that when they entered it, and they will be the lucky ones. The MRSA bug can kill.

    And speaking of killing, at the annual conference of “Patient Focus” last year, delegates were told that it is estimated that 8,000 unsuspecting hospital residents last year, died as a result of medical negligence, (and another 160,000 were injured). I’m only guessing here, but I suppose having your wrongly amputated right arm sown back onto your arse would probably be classified by the caring profession as an injury, or might that be seen merely as creative surgery.

    And yes, the Irish are queueing up for all of this. The deeply ingrained guilt beaten into us by the Christian Brothers will take generations to fade.

  7. Thank you,  John Mallon-You have supported me in the decsion to save my hard earned pension money and not visit the dreamy isle you call “mother land”.  You and GD have done wonders for my shrinking bank funds.  I doubt seriously that Head Rambles will be winning any prizes given out by the Tourist Board this year.  My hat is off to you all who see and tell the truth.  And GD..I had a crappy day yesterday, foaming at the mouth about facebook.  

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