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  1. Not only the Solstice but a Lunar eclipse this morning, indeed a day of auspicious omens. All we need now is a massive lightning strike on Leinster House to nuke FF and the Greens and it will have been a good year after all.

  2. Well, damnit, GD—-Does this mean that when Miss Pat and I tour over to the Emerald Isle a year from now, you will not be guiding us to New Grange, the Blarney Stone, or some pub in Donegal?  I am crushed.   Here’s my Holiday wish for you-may the village pub still be there for you when you can leave your humble abode.

  3. It’s only history repeating itself once again:
    1783-86: Two succesive severe winters. The Thames froze completely in both, almost continuous frost lasted from early to late winter. Snow remained for as long as 4 months. Attributed to an Icelandic volcanic eruption, although details regarding this are slim. Heavy snow also fell early on in both years, with snow falling as early as October. 1784 was a cold year generally. Sleet was recorded near the coast of the Moray Firth in August! Heavy snow fell in the South in October. The year was ranked in the top 10 coldest years recorded in the CET series. 1785 was very dry and cold, with again early snow in October. 1786 had a very dry summer, and was persistantly cold from September to November.

  4. TT – You never give up, do you?

    Ian – Niiiice.  How did you know I was a Jethrow Tull fan?

    Willie – Like Newgrange and the Blarney Stone, I shall still be around.  Just knock gently on the door.

    Brianf – And many happy returns top you, Sir.

  5. When it comes to naked dancing, at this time of the year, in the garden, I have only one thing to say, “beware the shrinkage”. It can unhinge a man and cause cruel laughter from otherwise loving partners.

  6. Paulo1 – No one laughs at my todger and lives to tell the tale.b  Mind you, Herself has not had cause to laugh yet…

    TT – Indeed you do, and you are always welcome.

  7. Merry Christmas from the Wild West…the great state of fiscal irresponsiblility, California….

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