Drinkie poos — 7 Comments

  1. Given who your employers were, would it be right to assume there was plenty of snow? And not the kind that falls from the sky!

  2. Imagine our office parties where everyone is undercover or classified and there are no extra chairs either.

  3. GD..I can relate.  As an old school teacher, all I had to do is confiscate a few lunch bags and find a some really good stuff that would help me through the afternoons.

  4. My first job was with Courage Breweries at their IT centre in Park Royal, London. It was my first Christmas there and they had just launched a new ale, Directors Bitter. (They had to weaken it a few months later as it was too strong!). Anyway they decided to have an office party where you could bring as many friends as you liked and the Directors was free all night.
    Seriously, it turned into a riot!

  5. Robert – Have you been listening to nasty rumours again?  I wouldn’t know anything about that kind of thing.  *whistles and tries to look innocent*

    TT – Who?

    Willie – Don’t tell me the kids threw drink parties in the classrooms.  That’s a novel idea.  Could make school somewhat bearable?

    Mick – I would imagine that a brewery [or distillery] is about the only place on earth where office drinks would be tolerable.  You could bring friends?  Fuck!  My shower wouldn’t even allow partners to the Christmas dinner.  Lucky partners!

  6. GD…One quickly learns that those little devils would shoot up oranges with vodka and bring them as their snacks.  Well, what is a dedicated teacher to do but take the little treats away, only to sneak off to the men’s room and sample such delights?  Usually, the kids didn’t care as they had fortified themselves for a long day of learning by smoking a joint or two as an eye-opener or on a quick trip to the Principal’s office.  Ah, those were the good old days.  I am glad I don’t have to face what is going on now in schools.

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