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  1. The sun’s shining through the windows, the sky is blue,it’s 56F/13C, the birds are at the feeders, I just got my Viz out of the mailbox, nothing can spoil my good humor mon vieux.  So Felice Navvy Dad.

  2. Ever thought of working for NAMA GD? They’d pay you about E1m a year for writing up contracts like that!
    Seriously, merry xmas to you and yours, have a great one.

  3. This is typical of you !!

    I’m deeply offended that you managed not to cater for smokers. No mention at all, like we are not there or something. Not even a hint of acknowledgement to this suffering minority.

    It is my attention to draw this ommision to some bozoo in Europe whose sole purpose is to worry the well intentioned.

  4. That just goes top show, John.  I am utterly indifferent as to whether my readers are smokers or not.   Now if I were an Anti ……..   ???

  5. Nup, gonna eat, drink, get merry, fall down drunk, have a nap and probably do the whole thing over again. Have an awesome Christmas and wishing you and the little woman a very happy New Year.

  6. I am completely, utterly and without any doubt whatsoever,…overwhelmed.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and a Merry Christmas to you, sir. And that particular holiday greeting is intended solely to you who, I assume, still celebrates, even a little bit, Christmas.

  7. Nicely done Grandad. Way to go!! Kirk got me over here – He sure knows a class act when he sees it!
    It’s almost midnight here, but not too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, you still have Boxing Day to go. Thanks for making me smile.:-)

  8. TT – St Stephen’s Day 3 pm.  And a very Happy New Year to you Sir.

    Welcome, Denise.  Any friend of Kirk’s, etc etc.  I am a wee bit late, so I will just wish you the Seasons Greetings instead?!

  9. Grandad I’m disappointed.
    You greeted DH above like a long lost cousin, completely ignoring
    the boxing day jibe.

  10. If I want to greet a new visitor, I will.

    If I want to ignore something, I will.

    It’s my fucking site.

    And what’s the jibe in Boxing Day?  I know that’s what some people call it, just as others call it St Stephen’s Day.  Horses for courses.

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